Tom Brady Debuts Ridiculous New Hairstyle at MET Costume Institute Gala

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He can almost pull it off because married the world's richest supermodel and has played in five Super Bowls (losing the last two to the superior New York Giants), but NFL star Tom Brady debuted a ridiculous new hairstyle Monday.

With Gisele Bundchen doing her best Anja Rubik-Angelina Jolie leg pose, Brady walked the red carpet with an off-centered, quasi-mohawk that defies description. Dude probably dropped $450 at some trendy salon for the "fashion forward" look too.

How does one even leave the house looking like that? Oh yeah, with Gisele on his arm, and in his bed later. You win Tom. But you still look absurd.

Tom Brady, New Hairstyle
Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

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He definitely looked the best with the longer shaggier hair. This looks like he is trying to channel David Beckham, without any success. What was he thinking?????


Um, what was he thinking? He's handsome and all, but that doesn't really translate into sexiness. And the fact that he'd walk out the door with that hairdo doesn't help matters at all.


I thought he was adorable with longer hair. People voiced nasty opinions about that doo too. He is young, one of the finest athelete's ever, wealthy, gives of himself for sooo many charities.
Leave the poor guy alone, he deserves a gorgeous wife, healthy child and whatever hair style he chooses. GO-BRADY!!!!!!!!


So what who cares


Brady's a bitch. I'm a Bills fan and when 'we' came back from behind to beat beli'cheat' and the 'cheat'riots in buffalo, it felt like a superbowl win! It was ELECTRIC. Funny that ever since the team got caught cheating, they're 0-2 in the SB. I used to not mind brady so much...still a great QB. But he, along w/ the rest of the pats all turned into cocky, classless players. Not the only reason, but when they got caught they were pretty much like 'pfft, oh w/ it'. They're like the yankees and miami heat of football. People luv to hate 'em...and they're right to. Just my opinion :D

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