Tameka Foster to Usher: I Will F--k You Up!

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Tameka Foster denies threatening to kill ex-husband Usher ... but she did make several comments that she can understand being taken that way.

Usher and Tameka are in a legal fight over custody of their two young kids, a bitter showdown that played out in a Georgia courtroom this week.

Accused of making death threats toward her ex, Foster did admit under oath to saying "I will f**k you up" ... which one can interpret as a threat.

Tameka Foster and Usher

Tameka was questioned by Usher's attorney about her verbal and abusive threats towards the singer, whom she wed in 2007 and divorced in 2009.

She allegedly said "I will kill you both," referring to Usher and his current GF.

Foster went back and forth with her answer before making a half-admission, saying she didn't threaten to "kill" him ... but admitting, "I probably have said, out of anger, say 'I will f**k you up' and that is not acceptable."

Tameka Foster went on to explain that the menacing statement(s) happened as a result of Usher gallivanting in and out of town with his new girlfriend, behavior that was "embarrassing" for her in such a tight knit community.

More importantly ... anyone know who this new girlfriend of Usher is?

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bitchy rage. She 'z jst greedy


As not only a Usher fan but a single mother it makes me sick to see a mother act this way all you ever hear about is dudes tht want nothing to do with their children and here Usher is tryin to be a wonderful father and look what he get nothing but bullshit SMH what's wrong with this chick


Tameka Foster reminds me of a few people that I know here and there over the years. In that...whenever Tameka doesn't get her way, she resorts to throwing temper tantrums and resorts to threats. Usher needs to continue to stand his ground against that NUTSO Tameka. And, Usher...STAY STRONG DAWG !!!!!


i remember how very very upset usher's fans were that he was marrying this "older woman" she had no morals and values why else would she get with usher? she was his mother's hairdresser and had been for years i feel that she literally molested usher... that's why his mom was so upset and did not want him to marry her she felt betrayed by this woman. clearly everyone can see she took advantage of usher and maybe put some "voodoo on him " just saying maybe not but something was definitely not right about usher during that time it took him two years for him to come to his senses and by that time she had two babies back to back to seal the deal....i am feeling for usher . she should be ashamed of herself for causing all this pain for him the bitch betta remember she has sons and what goes around comes around ...but she probably does not even care that this will come back to her .


I am convinced no matter what they say men are attracted to the drama filled, ghetto women. These are the ones they marry and have children with. In the end the men get slammed as in this case. Why are people so critical of Tameka? She is just being who she really is and who she has always been! I bet Usher's mother is not surprised at all. This chick did not just turn crazy she has always been crazy!! Why would Usher even think it was rational to take his girlfriend to his crazy ex-wife's house?


I wanted to fight her every since she got with him that gold digging bitch his mother did not even like her


He should've kept a good woman
CHILE from T.L.C.
(remember how cute they were)


@ the person who posted bitter
No his mom didn't like her on behinfmd the music she didn't wanna talk about the old bitch


Usher....why did u get with that cougar bag of bones?we c u like older chicks....but damn.....shes old and unattractive....gold digger....ish.....i bet his mom didnt like her old ass....who is she?

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