Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

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Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you all ... get it?!

You gotta hand it to fans of the epic film series for hijacking a random day on the calendar and, with the aid of a clever play on words, turning it into a holiday celebrating all things pertaining to the George Lucas movies and their fandom.

May the Force be with you all on this 4th day of May.

Not that you need a reason the other 364 days a year, but whether you're a Jedi-level Star Wars nerd or a mere padawan, today offers a terrific opportunity to discuss the incredible film franchise and unrivaled pop culture phenomenon.

Or the second trilogy that came out years later, for that matter.

So raise your glass and give it up for Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, Vader and the intergalactic gang who continues to thrill us decades after Lucas created them.

And remember, people. Han shot first. He did.


Luv star wars, been a big fan since i was a lil kid (30 now). However, george lucas turned into a self gratifying, giant corporate turd...just sayin. And yes, han did shoot first and to HELL with the BEYOND stupid max rebo band from ROTJ: The lucas edition. DUMB. The only thing worth watching in the prequels IMO is the jedi side of the story, particularly anakins(wooden acting aside) oh an yoda looked like an idiot w a lightsaber. At first i was like 'wow!' this should be interesting. Then he did that first jump-twirl and i was done. Lol. Lucas should NOT have killed off maul or jinn so soon in the prequels but, oh well. Whatev, rant over...p.s 'Empire' is the best of the franchise.

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