Mariah Carey Celebrates Obama Announcement at Gay Nightclub

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It's safe to say that Mariah Carey and Bristol Palin reacted very differently to Barack Obama announcing his support of gay marriage this week.

But while the daughter of a failed Vice Presidential candidate went public with wayward insults of Obama as a father, Glee and Dora the Explorer, Mariah simply went out and partied!

Mariah Carey and B. Scott

Witnesses say Carey showed up at The Abbey Food and Bar in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, dancing the evening away at the gay nightclub with pal B. Scott.

"She was very nice and gracious," an onlooker at the establishment tells People, adding that the deejay recognized her after awhile and started to play some Mariah classics.

At this, the ladies simply went "crazy" on the dance floor.

Sort of like how Bristol went at Obama's announcement, only not at all.


Reason enough to vote Obama and buy her next cd.thats why bristols show was cancel first week out,shes ugly and most Americans like gays cuz we know some


I have been sexually harrassed by as many women if not more agressively by women than men. Do i need to repeat myself that i am straight and i have said it more than once. I LOVE MENS BODIES. ALTGOUGH I CHOSE TO BE ALONE!


How this country got to the point where so many feel it necessary to prove to the world that they are not biased against gays is amazing to me. It's like it's a necessity to prove it so you won't be accused of bashing! Is it some sort of " key 2 the city" that you are honored with when you stop what your doing to pose for a pic? Are we on the verge of " Gay Genocide" or something. If its not that it's " Let me take a Moment" and prove that I'm not racist! WTF? Are people really this afraid of being called a bigot?




I wonder if he got beat up as a tranny?


She looks like a drag queen,
She got that big'o forehead.


ewwwww!!! that guy is gross


Reason enough to vote for Romney


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