Lady Gaga Meat Dress: The Low-Cut Return!

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Lady Gaga shocked us with her now-infamous meat dress at the 2010 MTV Music Awards. Monday, she debuted a new spin of the carnivorous couture.

Performing inside a meat locker-fashioned set (obviously), the 2012 version is markedly different from Lady Gaga's meat dress as we originally knew it.

With a tighter fit, plunging neckline and skirt-like bottom, it's more compact than the original, which was probably necessary for a live performance.

Which meat dress do you prefer, the new version or the first, now enshrined in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Check out the Lady Gaga pics below and vote:

Fashion Face-Off!

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Haters gonna hate. and anyways to the dumb person who wrote the stench thing. it is perfumed dumb ass


Being herself!? Its called attention whore. I don't think anybody could pull off being this crazy for so long. Nobody even talks about her anymore! Like this new meat dress is going to bring her in the news again....jeez.


Gaga is a little monster,i bet next time she will be wearing a dress made out of fieces(shit).i hate her stale style


YALL HATERS! Lady Gaga's doin her thing..... She chose to be herself unlike adhere to set standards of this world! She's makin history, her own philosophy! LOV U GAGA, truth!

Wv peach

She's repulsive, and her meat dresses are equally gross. Can u imagine the stench? How could anyone stand to be near her? Yuck!! :-


she's stupid! A lot of people in the world die from hunger and she is making a dress out of meat!!


The real question is, how come she looks so old? She looks like 24 going on 40. I'll bet it's what the drugs do to you, same as Lindsay.

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