Kenya Bell: Basketball Wives Sugar Mama

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In an ironic twist, Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell is being hit up for money by her former NBA player husband, as she now makes more money than him.

Former Michigan State star Charlie Bell feels he supported Kenya for years with his wages, but says it's his estranged spouse's turn to get his back now.

Charlie filed for divorce from Kenya months ago. She's raking it in on the VH1 show, and while he's still playing internationally, the money's not the same.

Despite having over $1 million in the bank, Charlie says Kenya's the one with the income - from Basketball Wives and her "music career" (see above).

It's her turn to lend him a helping hand, in other words, in the form of spousal support. Poor guy makes "only" $100,000 a season balling in Italy.

Hey, it seems like a pittance compared to your average NBA salary ... or the $300,000 per season Kenya Bell is getting from VH1 for Basketball Wives.

Kenya, who denies trying to stab Charlie last year, shot back, denying that their income disparity is that high. She also wants a cut of that $1M.


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I agree...I mean its clear she has an education N she was with him before he made HIS $$$ now that its not raining enough he wants her to pay him back??? Please....move on....get another job if u have to....but let the girl do her thang N be independent!!!! Geeezzz...


This guy should get on with his life.


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