Kesha Ni'cole Nichols and Kenya Bell: Cast on Basketball Wives!

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The producers of Basketball Wives are doing more than re-signing Evelyn Lozada to up the ante for Season Four. There will be new cast members in the mix, as well.

Controversial ones at that.

Kenya Bell (below, right) will be joining the show this coming season, and has already "assumed the role of the villain" and gotten into a few fights with the girls.

Kesha Ni'cole Nichols and Kenya Bell

Bell is a former Miss Michigan USA who was arrested for allegedly trying to effing stab her husband, former Michigan State star Charlie Bell, with a box cutter.

Standard Basketball Wives procedure, really.

Interestingly, not only was Kenya with Charlie before he went pro, but she also has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. So she's not a gold digger?

Weird. The other new cast member is Kesha Ni'cole Nichols (above, left). She planned to wed NBA All-Star Richard Jefferson back in 2009, but he bailed last minute.

Almost literally. They were set to tie the knot in $2 million wedding, but Jefferson called a 20-second time out, breaking up with Kesha Ni'Cole via email.

Nichols talks openly about the wedding that wasn't on the show and has, at least thus far, been well-liked by the rest of the cast. But just give it time.


Haters when will it end SMDH! These ladies our sharing their lives. Dont watch so you wont have to judge. However Evelyn, Tami and Laura ok that would be a great show great idea.


all of them lame ass hell


Let's add Laura Govan from Basketball Wives LA
Laura, Evelyn, AND Tami?
Now that's worth watching!


Why are they still calling this Basketball "Wives"? The LA cast only had 2 wives, the rest were just live in's or baby mama's. The Miami cast only had 2 wives again, Shaunie & Jen but Jen is divorcing so really only 1 wife. Why don't they call it Basketball Groupies?


I went to State and know both Charlie and Kenya. He adored her from first sight but that Bitch played him to the left until they won the national championship! Too bad he was blinded and fell for the okie doke at the time! Glad he left her!! Saw him at homecoming and he ain't missing her!! BLAM BITCH


Great, you can attempt to stab someone & get on a show. What kind of message is this sending?

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