Kate Upton Cat Daddy Dance: Back on YouTube!

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We are pleased to report that Kate Upton's "Cat Daddy" dance is back on YouTube after a brief ban on the suggestive viral sensation. Fist-pump!

Guess Kate, and her fans, showed YouTube who its (cat) daddy is.

After abruptly yanking the 2012 SI cover girl’s provocative moves on Wednesday, the video-sharing website apparently realized it was doing the male gender a downright inhumane disservice and reinstated the clip.

A source close to Upton says the blond bombshell was perplexed by YouTube’s decision, since her video contains no nudity or sexual content.

According to the insider, the 19-year-old found it “completely silly.”

“She couldn’t believe it,” said the source, who said Upton couldn’t see why her gettin' freaky to the Rej2ctz track was banned, seeing that 1) she wears the same bikini in SI, and 2) there are plenty of more salacious videos.

YouTube officials eventually reached the same, fixing their mistake.

“With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call,” said a spokeswoman for the site. “When it’s brought to our attention that a video has been removed mistakenly, we act quickly to reinstate it.”

Thank you YouTube. And Terry Richardson, and of course, Kate.


wow :D you make my day hot


Lil' Pig !


I think this girl is flawless(even tho i prefer brunettes)...great tits. Just my opinion... I'm a straight male, whaddya expect? Lol


Well sorry, but I just don't see the human body or wearing a bikini as nasty.


so nice pic


Amen ernest! The girls in hip hop videos & other videos, tv, and mags are just as nasty. Makes kids think they have to get half naked or naked to be someone.


@Courtney: Craving sexual attention doesn't automatically make one a slut either. It is in our BIOLOGICAL NATURE to crave sexual attention, not to avoid it. Showing that you crave it isn't unnatural or slutty in and of itself, it all depends on how far you're willing to go to get it. Now if she was naked, exposing her privates, or having sex in front of the camera, I would probably agree with you all. I'm not denying that she's trying to get attention. But I'm just not prudish enough to be disgusted by a woman dancing suggestively in a bikini-normal beach attire. That doesn't mean I would do it, but I don't feel the need to verbally attack someone when they're not hurting anybody or doing anything they don't have the right to do. I'm sure all of you who criticize her for this have looked at things in music videos, movies, television shows, and magazines that are just as provocative as this- if not more.


@ Blaize! I think you may be missing the meaning of the fead back you are getting! People are fead up with these no talented " I'm Young & Expressing myself" and I look good for the time being BITCHES! So.... We can spend hours each week telling our daughters that this Bitch is not the DEFINITION of SUCCESS even though people gawk over her!


Thank you- now I don't have to say it! If shaking your STD ass on the Tube is all you have to offer.......


A slut is also someone who craves sexual attention. Someone who goes on youtube half naked dancing LIKE A SLUT knowing it will be picked up by websites like THG to get sexual attention. She is just nasty all around.


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