Kate Upton Does "Cat Daddy" Dance in Bikini, 50 Million Males Lose Concentration at Work

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Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton is busting out (her moves) to a new dance, called the Cat Daddy, and Terry Richardson filmed her demonstrating it.

We have no idea what inspired this ... though it's pretty obvious.

Richardson, a noted fashion photographer perhaps best known for his many provocative Lindsay Lohan photos, may have set the bar too high here.

After all, how can you ever top this ... at least if you're a guy?

Kate Upton isn't opposed to showing off her dance moves online, having done the "Dougie" in a similar video back when that was big. Like eight months ago.


You made blogging glance..


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DAMN!! what an argument about a simple video with some random model b****; personnaly, i've seen something like this over a MILLION times in my life, so i dont really care, & noone should ethier, let the b**** dance around in her bikini if she wants too.. everyone is entitled to their opinion yes, but...how does religion or white girls being sluts have anything to do with a blonde b**** in a bikini? lol. cmon folks, light up a spliff.. & chill the f*** out.


I see you have it all figured out! Carry on Blaize - Carry on!


@Steffan: I don't see the human body as too trashy to show or sexuality as cheap trash or taboo. I don't know anything about this girl except for the fact that she's a model. I'm just surprised that people are bothered by it- a video of girl dancing in a bikini. And I'm surprised that people even brought up the white girl factor when white girls definitely aren't the only people in or outside of Hollywood who are showing skin, having sex, or dancing suggestively. As for your mentioning of the muslim culture, that treatment of women is much worse, but both that and this situation stem from the same problem: peoples' desire to control women.


Rebellion! Christianity controlling you? It's a guideline " BLAIZE" - not a demand! Now Muslums in a Soccer Stadium with a Woman on her knees- taking her head OFF? That's a demand! go out and show the world Blaize! Show them
You ain't gonna take no shit! You don't have to be enslaved By Religon- but if putting your faith in mankind is your answer- You are in the dark! FYI- Dancing on the YouTube in a Bikini is a legal way of saying- SEX IS WHAT IM SELLING! It is what it is Blaize and there is to damn much of it going around! Cheap Cheap Trash and it's going to the highest bidder! Again/ she in her own way is representing YOU! That's what you have to get thru your Rebellious head!


What's so bad about rebellion and not being a Christian? Sorry, but I don't believe in religious enslavement, and I don't allow a centuries-old religious book to do all the thinking for me and control my views on sex, modesty, or anything else.


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@ Blaize/ continued- goes hand N hand with your REBELLIOUS Anti- Christian- mindset! In time- you will be a conservative! People develop a lower tolerance for dirt- as time goes. In reality- People see her on the Tube! Then they see you- and their mind is made up before they say a word to you! This is free- Blaize! And it ain't no misconception!


@Steffan and Ray70: She's dancing in a bikini. It's a common misconception that the only way a female can have self respect is if she's modest and abstinent- that's just Christian propaganda, and unfortunately non-christians and even liberals have fallen for it too. Notice how if a MAN has mutltiple sex partners in his lifetime, or if a MALE celebrity poses provocatively for a photoshoot, nobody questions their morals or self-respect. Ever wonder why that is? You're both kidding yourselves if you think white men, black men, latino men, or Asian men have any less sex partners than white women, black women, latina women, or Asian women. Ray07, it's clear that you've been hurt or betrayed by a white girl in your life. But don't brand us all as evil sluts or cheaters because of it. We're not all like that.

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