Jane Lynch Narrates Pro-Obama LGBT Ad

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Glee star Jane Lynch narrates a new documentary about LGBT rights in America, featuring a candid interview with President Obama and doubling as a de facto campaign ad for the reelection-seeking Commander-in-Chief in 2012.

The documentary-style commercial highlights Obama's achievements over the past three years, most notably ending the military's Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and most recently coming out with full support for same-sex marriage.

The Prez even name-checks Lady Gaga. Check it out below:


If it highlited all he did it could not have been very long.


Obama is running out of virgins. Almost all of his promises in 2008 have not been fulfilled. Gays for the 1st time have someone speaking for them yet they are only being used because its not wise (votes) at the moment to be divided with them. The Democratic Party is falling apart. California- Ohio State-Denver- the turnout is not there. People are not happy with the course of this nation. Romney words in 2007- " The biggest Civil Rights Issue in this Country is educating the Urban community and the Suburban Community so they can be ready for the workplace. He proposed bills to reward up to 15k to successful math & Science teachers. He has succes at Buisness and that includes all the ones that Obama is trashing him for. Obama has failed.


Obama is proving to me that he will pander himself to any group that may throw him votes. It is all about getting re-elected. This is the most important item on any politician's agenda. This is what is wrong with the American system of politics. I would venture that this has been a problem since the second national elections in the history of the United States.

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