Glee Season Finale: Who Said Goodbye?

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Glee concluded an uneven third season last night with a finale that made one thing clear: nothing will be the same at William McKinley High School.

Following premature talk from creator Ryan Murphy that the graduating Glee seniors would not return to the show this fall, it's now been made clear that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and every actor/actress will play some role on season four.

But they won't be roaming the high school hallways any longer. Next season is expected to shift between NYC and Ohio.

Glee Finale Photo

So, where did all the seniors end up?

Brittany will be forced to remain in high school because her GPA is 0.0; Rachel got into NYADA, but Kurt did not; Santana received permission to follow her musical dreams to New York; Mercedes will be a back-up singer on an indie label; Mike is going to Chicago; and Puck to California.

Oh, and Kurt dumped Rachel so she could pursue her dreams solo - and joined the army!

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yh finn broke up wiv rachel not kurt but i cnt believe they r not together anymore:( i really hope they get bk together in tha fourth season cuz they made a cute couple n i loved them bein together cnt wait for season 4 of glee to come out in tha uk:)


LOL Kurt dumped Rachel... Um who ever wrote this should get smacked... re-read what you write before posting it on the website...


Finn broke up with Rachel, not Kurt.

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