Finger Found in Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich, Teenager Traumatized

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Ryan Hart, a 14-year-old Michigan resident, treated himself to a yummy Arby's roast beef sandwich the other day, only to discover a human finger in it.

"I was like, 'that's got to be a finger,'" the teen said. "It was just nasty."

In related news, Arby's is still a chain? You learn something every day.


Following the gruesome discovery, the boy was "traumatized," couldn't eat or sleep, and has been prescribed medication, Fox News reports.

Reportedly, an employee cut off her finger with a meat slicer while preparing the meal, went to the emergency room and didn't tell anybody.

Her co-workers, unaware of the injury, continued to complete the order.

John Gray, Arby's V.P. of communications, profusely apologized for the "isolated" incident and sought to reassure customers that this was, well, isolated.

That's little solace to the victim, or his incredulous family.

"A human being loses a finger and you just keep on sending food out the window," said the teen's mom, Jamie Vail. "I can't believe that."

Why no, Jamiet? Makes perfect sense to THG.


I work for Arby's they are number 1 on safty that would not have happened and without knowing a figure with all that blood. Fake all they way.


I think this is story is fake, i mean realy how many times have i heard there was a finger in my chili, now there saying there was a finger in my sandwich ,really just cause the sandwich is crap is no reason to just to sue just don't eat it , ask for another sandwich in exchange for the crapy one!


This story is fake. Even the Onion wouldn't take credit for it.


I don't believe it. C'mon..
Really, no one in the entire store took action and addressed the situation, along with whom was hurt???? A whole finger REALLY, done and stupid. If its real than pay more attention to whose injured and their well being! Dude what a company to work for.


thats just nasty who does that i mean at least tell some body or scream ........ didnt her mager or boss notice that she was gone!!!!!!!! i swear some people are just weird these days!!!!!!!


It is just impossible to cut your finger off and the meat slicer cuts so thin.


i think it's just disgusting..and somebody should have known something. and y would she not tell anyone she cut her finger off on the meat slicer because she could have sued..I just think that this is just unbelievable.


Sue them. She can't take her finger with her unless she wants to risk bleeding to death. I'm pretty sure in a state of shock you would quickly go to an emergency room. But ya, something is kinda weird here. How does nobody notice her disaperence?? Or the fact that a finger is inbetween thin slices of beef and two things of bread!?


i smell a huge settlement



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