Bristol Palin Reality Show Hyped With Unintentionally Hilarious Bio

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"Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin. She got pregnant by accident just as her mom was added to the 2008 Republican ticket, at which point she pretended to be engaged to Levi Johnston, then attempted to cash in on her 15 minutes."

Lifetime's press release for Bristol Palin's new reality show COULD say that, and it wouldn't be incorrect, but alas, their bio is a bit different.

Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp (get it?!) premieres on June 19 with two (!) episodes. Here's Lifetime's explanation of why you should watch it:

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"Viewers will get the chance to experience the life of one of America’s most famous young mothers, Bristol Palin, in the new docuseries ... showcasing Bristol’s journey growing into womanhood with her young son, Tripp."

"With never-before-granted access to Bristol’s real-life experiences, the show follows her everyday life as a single mother living under intense media scrutiny that comes from her lineage as the daughter of former Alaska Governor and V.P. candidate Sarah Palin."

"The series follows Bristol’s move from Wasilla to Los Angeles with Tripp and her sister Willow, and back to Alaska as she deals with parenting and disciplining her toddler without Tripp’s father."

"Giving viewers a unique look at the difficult decisions she makes for relationships, career and family, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp will capture how true-to-life challenges test her resolve as she single-handedly writes the next chapter in her and Tripp’s life."

"The former first daughter of Alaska, Bristol has become one of the country’s most high-profile teen mothers after the 2008 birth of Tripp."

"She has since dedicated her life to being a leading advocate for the prevention of teen pregnancy, working with such organizations as the Candie’s Foundation to educate people about the issue."

"In 2010, Bristol appeared on ABC’s hit reality competition series Dancing with the Stars, on which she placed in third. Most recently, she published her New York Times best-selling book, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, which candidly chronicles her public and personal life."

"Bristol also launched her own blog, where readers can get her views and opinions on various topics such as politics, pop culture and parenting."

Eh, our bio is still better. There's something to be said for brevity.

Will you watch Bristol Palin's new show?



Shame on Lifetime for using this young woman in a showcase show. What were they thinking? I'll never watch the channel again if this the trash they are using to target contemporary women. I used to like Lifetime. No more. I'm an intelligent, professional woman. You blew it big time.


Alaka pays the bill for a large percentage of the costs of doing these shows...if they are filmed in aAlaska. Example: Mrs. Palin salary for her "alaska" show etc..production costs etc..she refused to disclose even though it was public funds...I was never ashamed to be from Wasilla prior to our moronic ex-governor. I now just say I am Canadian. the whole family should move to Texas and take their Escalades with them please.


If I am looking for an example of being a young woman who overcame adversity, Bristol (aka grifter jr) would be the last 'role model' I want for my daughter. Elisabeth Smart, yes. Bristol Palin (or any palin) no friggin way.


I think she's awesome! She's doing so much at such a young age! I believe she'll go far despite the nasty rhetoric hurled at her from the Sarah Haters! Bristol will hopefully prove one can move past the rude, short-sighted remarks of her liberal critics and achieve many worthwhile goals. Good luck, Bristol!


How is she different from any other teenager that was pregnant at 16, because she is a Palin, pregnant at 16, H.S. diploma and she is a poster child for teen age pregnancy, making over 200,000, oh ya election is coming around so she has too sell her self, the over paid prostitute, the Beverly Hillbillies had more class.


I am puzzled why Lifetime thinks it's a good business proposition to pay $$ for this trash nobody wants to see. The bullying, grifting, lying Palins are no longer a ticket to cash in like they were before Scarah started speaking in her own 'voice' aka lines that were not written for her by someone literate. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree... Brisdull is definitely mama's daughter. DWTS lost me when they perpetuated the fraud of the palinbots; TLC lost me at Scarah's fake show and Lifetime is now history as well. The only thing I would be interested in from her is why her son was named after her father's admitted prostitute.


sodakhic, nobody who cares anything about a pop culture revolution would ever use the expression, "sweet bippy." So granddad. Is that you, Chuck Sr? I will give this boring show as much time as I did Sarah Palin's Alaska. None.


If you don't want to watch this - no problem. She'll get rid of all of 4 or 5 great loss.


Oh my! The Grifter of the North has schooled her daughter well. She has done as much for abstinence education as her mom has done for Downs Syndrome education: Nada! For the Hollywood they both disparage, they certainly like to take the $$ and run...right to the plastic surgeon's office. They are both an embarrassing.


The Palins are reviled in Alaska as bullying frauds. They never come out of hiding -- unless they are thousands of miles away where they know they can still spread their bs. Brisdull, aka The Chin, has the personality of a shoe. Best selling memoir?? Her book sold 1,000 copies - hardly a best seller. Lifetime is really pushing it to think this lying loser holds any appeal to anyone. You can see the lines of her chin transplant ('to fix an overbite' she sez) -- just like you can see the lines of boob implants. So sexy -- NOT.

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