Alana Thompson to Star in Toddlers & Tiaras Spinoff

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We really wish we were making this up.

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    Ok, I feel really guilty for saying this about a child, but when I first saw her on TLC I thought the same thing everyone else is saying about her... She's NOT a cute child, she's not even an average looking child. SHE WILL grow up with a pile of mental health problems, especially when she's old enough to surf the internet/read and truly grasp that the entire world finds her hard to look at. (Blame Mom for putting her in that position). I truly feel sorry for her. On the flipside, I've seen some butt-ugly toddlers grow up to be beautiful women, so lets hope...


    I love a great train wreck as much as the next person, but this is too much. Not the squashed-possum hunts or the living room decorated in Big Box Store style-- but the sickening white trashy nicknames! My ears wouldn't stand a chance.


    For all you people that think alana is ugly can f' off yea she's not like those other snobby little bitches that get everything they want cuz they cry are gunna grow up and be fake!!! So what if she is gunna have a show they didn't say that u had to watch it.. and I'm pretty sure most of you have children and there not that cute put ur self n there situation I'm pretty sure u wudnt like reading mean ass comments about ur child from LOW LIFE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET! I bet have of u are over 18 so grow the fck up and watch what u say about a little 6yr old!


    The kid is fat, ugly and stupid. The mother looks like she has an IQ of about 10 and is so butt ugly I can't stand to watch the fat pig when she's on screen. Quadruple-chinned, belching hog. Dad? He's Sugar Bear - so that says it all. They look like the rapists in "Deliverance". Wait, what? They're from rural Georgia? Why, they ARE the rapists from "Deliverance"!


    That kid's fell from an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.


    The kid must have talent because she's not that cute and she's already a little fatso. Can't blame the parents, she just might be the ticket out of the trailer park. Maybe they will be able to upgrade to Wendy's.


    Oh please say it isn't so! These people are inbred white trash! Why would TLC lower their standards to have these people, (who when I saw them on T&T, the crazy mom bordered on being abusive)on the network? They're like going past a wreck, or more like a train wreck. The kid is ugly (sorry to be so blunt) and the mom is abusive. Give her another year and she'll be like many more American kids that are just overweight. Those hillbilly good looks can't last forever!


    This may be my breaking point- i might have to stop watching tv, completely. Give me a freakin break. They eat roadkill, seriously? And they call a child, Chubbs? What is wrong with these people? And we wonder why we are living in a failing society.


    Im ok with the rednecks lol but come on! Honey Boo Boo? Chubbs? Chickadee? Pumpkin? SUGAR BEAR? Come the hell on! This is beyond rednecks and sliding into inbred! Hmmm how else can we exploit the kids for fame? But Chubbs? Hows that for the self esteem? The whole concept is just bizarre and creepy. And oh yes, lets all go eat some ROADKILL! See, inbred! I'd rather watch gnats die


    Oh please make it stop! I am so tired of exploited children and rednecks on every tv channel. Now this show will have both! Yuck.

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