Yes We Kim! Jimmy Kimmel Live Campaigns for Mayor Kardashian

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It's unlikely that Kim Kardashian will run for Mayor of Glendale, California.

For starters, this is actually an unelected position and Kardashian would first need to serve for years on the city council before having a chance to be promoted.

Moreover, Kim's rep is already backtracking, telling E! News his client only told Khloe she wants to run for office because she knew it would make headlines she's simply interested in doing "what she can to help and support the Armenian community."

But Jimmy Kimmel is hearing none of this! In a hilarious segment this week, he sent a correspondent to Glendale to get out the word/vote on Kim's behalf:

Among the reasons you should vote for Kim, according to this video? She has really big eyes, she takes good care of her teeth, she enjoys making love and she's a job creator... if you know what we mean! Jobs of all kinds, folks!

Overall, Kimmel tells voters, just remember: Kim Kardashian Kares. KKK for short. Easy enough to keep in mind, right?

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Yes We Kim! Jimmy Kimmel Live Campaigns for Mayor Kardashian
Ain't it the hottest thing?


Seriously like, relationship, follow, really don't join forces men or women as much as a wide-spread hatred regarding an issue.
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You're right, she is beautiful!! I bet you are just lovnig that camera!! I don't have a full-frame but just going from my little xTi to my 7D was almost as big of a jump as going from my point and shoot to that first DSLR. So fun!


Kim Kar-Trash-Ian as an actual MAYOR...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! A STUPID-ASS/WHACK-ASS IDEA!!!!! To me, politics is FUCKED UP enough as it is!!!!! Kim as a mayor=a REALLY ROTTEN IDEA all-around!!!!!!!


What would happen if she had an emergency board meeting without her hair and nails done?


Currently u americans have a NEW president much smarter than the previous one, that one was a joke compatible with Kim Kardashian.


kimmer will do ANYTHING for attention. He needs that attention for him to have his show, otherwise, it would be FINISHED.


I Love Kim Kardashian. Tanrı seni korusun.


kk fs her mother.


She say's things all for attention. She is not a smart business woman. She has people that do it all for her. The whole family is the biggest joke. She's a tramp just like paris and just as dumb.