Kalifornia Kouncilmen: Kool with Kim Kardashian for Mayor of Glendale!

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The odds of Kim Kardashian actually running for Mayor of Glendale, California are about strong as those of Kim Kardashian winning an Academy Award.

But, following the reality star randomly telling her sister that she'd love to hold this position someday, politicians from that city have weighed in and appear ready to welcome Kim with open arms.

"I think it would be one of the more closely followed elections in Glendale’s history," City Clerk Ardashes Kassakhian told The Los Angeles Times, adding that Kim has done "what we try to do election after election after election."

And what is that, exactly? Attract media attention to local government.

Councilman and former Mayor Ara Najarian, meanwhile, has offered Kardashian the title of "honorary chief of staff" and says her attendance at the area's Armenian genocide commemoration “would make a great impact on the city."

But there's a hold-up in Kardashian's political career: Mayor of Glendale is actually NOT an elected position.

Kim would first need to win a seat on the city council, hold in for at least four years - while making a salary of $30,000 per year - and then possibly be selected by fellow council members for a one-year term.

So she could do that... or send a single Tweet that mentions a company's name and make the exact same amount in 140 characters or fewer. Which do you think she'll choose?


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Kalifornia Kouncilmen: Kool with Kim Kardashian for Mayor of Glendale!
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This is ridiculous! Yes, she is a workaholic but she isn't very well spoken and isn't that what politicians are known for? Her speeches would all end and begin with "like." I love the show, I love her clothes but don't give her a REAL job! Especially one that overlooks an entire city!


Give everyone a break-the only way that will happen-like SLEEP her way up haaa


Notice how only the rag websites are covering this absurd story? Her fame days are numbered and I wish these rag magazines would do a story on her "Q" score and that no A level company would hire her as a spokesman.


For the love of all that's good and pure, why the hell won't they just GO THE HELL AWAY?!?!?!?


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