William Levy: Cheating on Elizabeth Gutierrez With Grace Roubidoux?

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Is Dancing With the Stars heart throb William Levy having an affair with waitress Grace Roubidoux, leaving girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez out in the cold?

Probably not, but the tabloids have apparently moved on from Jaleel White.

Levy’s girlfriend Gutierrez, with whom he has a child, is reportedly giving her ex another chance after cheating on her "at least 40 times," In Touch reports.

That same celebrity gossip magazine reports that he not-so-shockingly returned to his philandering ways recently with hostess/aspiring actress Roubidoux.

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The 25-year-old denies any wrongdoing. Alleged sources aren't so sure.

“Grace and William hooked up last week,” a friend of the Kate Mantilini greeter, who often goes by the stage name Carolyn Hayver, tells the publication.

“He told her to keep quiet about it; he didn’t want Elizabeth to find out.”

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William dont listen 2 wa t pple say abt u n work tins with elizabeth If possible.U r talented n God bless u


who cares about them...the dude is a cheater
and will still do that even though hes with ely..she should move on men!


Once a cheater always a cheater.She should just move on! I love him, but he is a heartbreaker! You can't marry a man like that. Just make sure that he takes care of his children and move on Elizabeth! In the long run you will be better off


super boy


First of all its dumb that everyone is assuming he has cheated on Elizabeth, we don't know anything about their private life. Second of all Elizabeth is gorgeous!! No need to cheat on a woman like that. She is famous in Latin American television and can actually become famous in American television if she wanted to she was BORN AND RAISED in CALIFORNIA and she is a great actress.William met Elizabeth in a reality show called PROTAGONISTAS where 20 people were locked in a house and tried to win an acting contract they were not famous at the time so she is not with him for the fame!If you guys go on youtube you could see how the romance unfolded. Lastly they have two beautiful children a boy and a girl. People need to stop making things up!


The guy needs some Rogaine and is going bald. Have you seen Williams hair? Thin and dissapearing just like the values that hold a family together.

@ Hes_Bald

That's a horrible comment bald men can be very attractive it's not what's on your head it's what in your brain I wonder if you got any.


I am a watch maker in Beverly hills. I have slept with both Grace and her sister Christine. I guarantee she knew the deal. She sleeps around Hollywood trying to move up. But who doesn't?


Hey Grace & Kathie. You are two sorry people desperate for attention, even at the expense of someone else. The next time you come up with a story at least try to make it plausible. I feel sorry for your desperation. The careers must not be going so well, right?!


What is Grace Roubidoux s dob? He may have instant rapport and emotional connection to her and not be physically attracted to her, but that innate compatibility can make it look like two people are in love, when all three match, LOOK OUT!


Elizabeth is possessive, jealous,low educated ( doesn't applause when Kathrine performs). Nobody know does Willy love her ( only both of them). Maite is his tween.

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