Rihanna Topless, Bikini Photos: Girl Gone Wild!

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Another day, another revealing batch of Rihanna pics.

Posted by the 24-year-old singer herself, no less.

The star showed off pictures from her Hawaiian vacation via Facebook Monday, and in one image, she flings off her white bikini top while standing under a waterfall.

It's Rihanna topless. Further comment unnecessary.

A Rihanna Topless Pic

The Battleship actress says she doesn't actively work out, but just has an active lifestyle, swimming, horseback riding, hiking and such whenever she can.

"I'm not excited about how skinny I am, so it wasn't a goal for me or anything," she says of her thin frame. "That was not something I even tried to do."

Anyone out there complaining? No? Okay. Other sexy images include Rih playing with her bikini on the beach and descending into a shark tank. Enjoy.

Hot Rihanna Bikini Pic
Rihanna Swimsuit Pic

She aint no whore she's great fun keep um cumin


Rihanna is very sexy and beautiful very attractive she is young rich and has all the attention so why not give them something to talk about,, KEEP DOING YOU!!!!


Everyone commenting here with negativity is probably fat, stop hating on someone for being healthy and beautiful


Come on have some class about yourself skinny bitch!


So she's topless. Why the hate? It's not a big deal. She's a fit, attractive young woman. Maybe people are simply jealous she's so open and has fun with her sexuality.


So what who cares HO


all for chris brown.... How sweet.


Nice having sex


I completely agree with Heather.


Rihanna Topless, Bikini in Hawaiian Waterfall Photos, Video Leaked here http://is.gd/ckgHwT

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Rihanna in England
Rihanna is a young, hot and successful R&B singer who hails from the Caribbean island of Barbados. She is an artist signed to Def Jam... More »
Saint Michael, Barbados
Full Name
Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna Quotes

I get asked about it all the time and I’m like, You’re asking, but you know the answer. I don’t even like to address it anymore.

Rihanna [on rumors that she dated Jay-Z]

Sometimes you just need your privacy. But it comes with the territory. There's no privacy when you are out in the public.