My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Fight Must Be Seen to Be Believed

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Move aside, Basketball Wives. Step off, Jenelle Evans.

Two girls on TLC's My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding just set the new high water mark for reality TV fights, and it may take a long time to top this.

At a wedding in West Virginia, two girls (one from each side of the family) got into it after one said the soon-to-be newlyweds are basically a bad fit.

Mellie (the smaller of the two) hails from the groom's side, while Diamond was the maid of honor on the bride's side. There was no love lost to start with.

The tipping point came after the ceremony, though, when Mellie began running her mouth about how the bride and groom don't belong together.

Diamond then shoved Mellie to the ground HARD ... outside the church.

The ladies proceeded to beat the ever-loving snot out of each other, tearing at clothing, rolling around on the ground until they were both half naked, etc.

Your move, Jenelle.


I watch it on tv but Diamond was helping family and Diamond wanted her to leave but Mellie said no so thats how the fight stard but im on Diamonds side I HATE MELLIE I JUST WANT TO SLAP HER


WOOOW. Look at that body. Em' boobies is just a floppin'


my god there givin it to echother there wefs are gonna rip out and the fat ones eys balls are gonna come out hahaha


Beyond ridiculous..........




This show is so off. Like these girls are dressing up in the clothes their wearing? Are you serious? Its hard to belivie thats how they live. Gypsys....most of the show isnt even about weddings!!! But it does teach you about how others live. Gives you an idea. Its bittersweet.

Wv peach

Just what WV needs....these trolls. :-(