Jon Gosselin: Behind on Child Support?

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Jon Gosselin has fallen behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin again, according to a tabloid report, to the tune of $3,557.06.

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    Must be nice that he is facing "legal consequnces" for that amount. I have an ex that is much further behind than that and no one cares. Too bad I am not a rich celebrity that really needs the money! Wait.......


    I,m sure the kids don't see any of the child support money anyway - Kate uses it all for face lifts and boob jobs!!!!!!


    This poor guy has to pay for 8 kids..that cant be easy considering hes just a regular joe shmo these days. kate is the one with all the loot anyways. spent a buttload on plastic surgery lol


    Kate should scale down and get a job to support the kids. I am sure Kate is using the kids money to support them, so basically the kids are supporting themselves.

    But Kate is hysterical, her only friends are twitter followers she has never met face to face. Hold on you two twitt fans, Kate has kicked her family, her ex husband, TLC, nannies galore, hired help, etc. to the curb with her mean spirited disposition and if she ever gets out of fantasy world and meets you face to face, bye, bye losers.


    Kate is so, so, so mentally ill. Jon was a saint for staying with this lying mother of 8 as long as he did. I love that she lies and lies, as usual, on her dumb one sided twitter account to keep her untalented self in the tabloids, for further exploitation of her 8. Jon has used immense restraint and I applaud him. Kate is a chronic liar and a spinner of half truths. No Kate, the only liar, bully, and mistake is you. I think your lack of personal relationships of family and friends screams this out. You are a loser who is losing your grip on reality. Please get therapy for your kids, the ones you pretend to take care of.


    Kate and Jon as well as Octomom are so immature and unable to financially raise accidental multiples from test tubes implants, the doctor of Jon and Kate should have been sued like Octomoms doc. Jon and Kate are both a disgrace as parents. Both families took government money to raise their brood and both should be ashamed of their behaviors as child exploiters. KATE GET A JOB! YOU ARE A REAL LYING LOSER!


    Funny.. most of us single mom wait years for the state to help us get child support even with a court order. Must be nice to be important we commoners will just wait to hell freezer over.


    So Kate has so much money, she isn't even aware Jon is behind on child support payments????WOW that must be nice to be that

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