Jennifer Love Hewitt to Adam Levine: Date Me!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt stars on The Client List, which premieres this Sunday night on Lifetime.

But during an appearance on Ellen this week, the "very single" actress was asked if she possessed a different kind of list, one with the names of anyone in Hollywood she'd like to date. She does. And it is comprised of one name:

The newly single Adam Levine. He split this week with his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend. Think these two would make a cute couple?

Watch JLH dish on Maxim, Lingerie and the Maroon 5 frontman now:


No she doesnt need him. Jennifer is absolutly beautiful with a capital B! If she wants a date with good man i am allways available all she has to do is look me up!,6'4" 245lbs solid, shaved head with hazel eyes. Im not joking here Jen! any time for you and i promise you wont be dissapointed at all and im very quick witted and funny!


Just googled Adam L. well he's cute enough, but defintely has issues right now just breaking up with the blonde girl. Besides, I just saw where he wrote "if people didn't a least think I was a little gay I wouldn't be doing my job right" whatever. Jennifer, Richard Gear is much hotter than Adam any day. I bet if he were single he could appericate a good woman. I sure love his shows...wish he would make one with you, Julia Roberts, and Whoopie would be the greatest.
Thanks Nurse Trisha


I love Jennifer Love Hewitt, she is beautiful, funny, sincere, and has a killer body. I know Jennifer from her movies, but who is this Adam Levine. I'm going to have to google him. Tell you what some men just don't know what a good woman is all about. Don't worry Jennifer if you don't ask you'll never know, I think you did the right thing at least let them you know your interested. He probably is just intimitated by your intelligence, beauty, sexiness, body, and talent. I'm sure you can do much better...I still gotta google this guy, he can't be too much of a man if he crumples the note and does not even acknowlege he appericates the compliment, but is invovled with someone else, "gay" (lol), or just darn scared of being with such a wonderful woman...You probably better off. How about that hot co-star you have in Ghost Whisper you'll were soooo cute together. Best of Luck.
Trisha,RN, BSN


Jennifer is beautiful and is built like a woman. If you girls that are built like little boys can't handle it...then continue to handle yourselves.


I think she's so cute, still. Wish her ALL the best, finding a real good man.


I just can't see them going out to be honest.



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