Ashley Madison Puts $1 Million Bounty on Tim Tebow's Virginity

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If Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is really a colossal fraud, and some lucky girl saved the "evidence" Monica Lewinsky style, they could soon become very rich.

Controversial infidelity-dating site Ashley Madison is offering $1 million to anyone who can provide proof they had sex with the devoutly religious NFL star.

Ever since Tebow admitted he's saving himself for marriage, his virginity has become the subject of speculation. Even Rob Gronkowski wants to tap that.

The trade sending him to New York this spring has only upped the ante. A good-looking, super-nice pro athlete living in the Big Apple and not getting laid?

Impossible, Ashley Madison insists in announcing the $1 million bounty. Below is a Taiwanese, animated reenactment of this story (we love those guys):

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People are such assholes!Leave him alone let the man do what he wants with his lifeand stop being haters!


I think Tebow can resist. Just because New York is full of "skanks" (no offense) doesn't mean Tebow can't control himself. He is a very strong and faithful man and I know he can keep himself under control. More guys need to look up to him in my opinion. Personally, I hope, wish, and pray that I could be the lucky girl who gets him because I'm a virgin too but chances of that happening is nearly impossible =( lol


Yeeowza. She sure is a nasty beast. Why you worrying about TT's business? Leave the guy alone and concentrate on your sinful ways.


I am so proud of Tim Tebow. My husband and I both made the same promise, and when we married and were on our honeymoon, it was very special knowing my husband had never been with anyone else, nor had I. My friend married a man who has been with several women, and she is always wondering how she compares to them. It causes insecurities.


ill take tt's virginity for free. yum


Stupid. Really some one virginity is news. Leave him alone haters .bless you