Tia Carrere Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Following a task that didn't go as planned, Tia Carrere ended up being the latest casualty of Donald Trump's unforgiving boardroom cuts on Celebrity Apprentice.

On Sunday's episode, both teams were challenged to create a viral video for an O-Cedar mop. Obviously. The men, led by Lou Ferrigno, took a comical route.

The women, however, went with a double entendre "What's your number?" campaign.

Tia Carrere Photo

While not overtly sexual, each woman, under the direction of Lisa Lampanelli and guidance of project manager Carrere, revealed how many mops they'd owned in their lives.

The men's idea mopped the floor with them and raised $50,000 for charity, leaving the ladies - Carrere, Lampanelli and Aubrey O'Day - fighting for survival.

When push came to shove, Carrere stepped up ... and fell on her own sword.

"Unfortunately I know as project manager, my head is on the chopping block," she told Trump, believing that someone else would go down with her.

"[But] if I throw myself on the knife, as it were, take one for the team… because I was the clearing house for info, I was the final say, I approved everything and I was the task leader - if I do that, will you fire another person on the team as well?" she asked.

"No," Trump said.

"OK, then I have to take responsibility," she said.

"Then Tia, you're fired," Trump said. "Thank you very much. Go ahead. Get out."

And so it went. Are you sad to see her go? Was it the right decision?


I do not usually do this,however, I have been watching this season's celebrity apprentice. I am a writer and yet I have no words to describe this Lisa Lampanelli. Her disrespect and total demeanor is incredible. Not only would I never pay 2 c her perform I wouldn't accept a free front row ticket at her shows. This woman has no shame and hopefully when she sees her behavior on past shows she will realize how hated she is. I feel quite sorry 4 her and her inexcusable disrespect to Dyanna is unforgivable. Cannot wait until she is voted off because she has no chance of becoming the next celebrity apprentice.


The wrong person went home. Lisa is the one that sat in the limo saying lets come up with -ing words and typing them in as they were saying them. I never thought she would have put those words on the box. If it was her task she would have never. So much for giving 100% as a team player.. what a set up.. she should have been in the board room as well.


I am sooo proud of Aresenio for putting Aubrey in her place. I hope he doesnt feel bad for it. She needed to hear the truth. And what is up with Lisa! Talk about HATERS!! OMG! Leave Dyana alone! Lisa seems to hate the fact that Dyana is young and beautiful and is being a bigot to say she has no brain because of her looks. She is obviously bitter with her own life.


Arsenio called it right again, this time saying saying Aubrey is self-righteous. Mean girls that act like they are the only ones doing anything.
She didn't do anything positive for women. Just negative -The comment about age only made her look pathetic and immature. I'm around Aubrey's age and still just felt disrespected as a woman.
If Lisa (Debra/Debbie's) and Aubrey's ganging-up mentality is old to me, I can only imagine how the rest of their team felt. Aubrey was mean and disrespectful in general. Tia handled herself well and Aubrey should go.


Dayna should win no questions asked clearly the only one with intelligence and beauty. Also put the three musketeers from the girls team with Lou and Adam and throw Clay in there too just to stir the pot what a great show that would be, what do you think!


Alycia, I 100% agree with you and have voiced this request to thg multiple times to no avail. I have had to come to the conclusion that they do not actually read these comments and take that feedback into account. Therefore, they lose a reader until I am finally able to watch the episode. It does kill me though in the meantime, because like you I also check the site multiple times a day but am unable to do so because of the spoiler headlines. :-/ it sucks


Aubrey is a freakin' self-indulgent narcissist. She was obviously not taught about manners when she was a child ... Tia has a very calm and strong energy about her, Aubrey should have gone home instead.
Aubrey is a perfect example about why feminism failed - women stab each other in the back if times get tough. Where's the unity?


Damn I love her breasts


I think that what I find most upsetting about the women's team is how Lisa and especially Aubrey keep getting credit for ideas (which for the most part have resulted in loses), but no one seems to express just how rude and disrespectful both of these women are. I will give Aubrey credit for being somewhat creative and fast on her feet, but all she does is brag about how much she has accomplished in her 27 years yet no one I know has ever heard of her. I believe she actually said that she was the most famous person there - what planet does she live on that she appartently so famous and yet no one knows her. I also believe that Dayana's little paragraph was actually better than anything the rest of them came up with. Don't these people understand what VIRAL VIDEO is. It


These women are a disgrace, meow meow meow, they act like a buch of adolescents, they have no idea what team means, there a clic and I hope none of them win, the men have their differences, but they tell it to the oerson long before the board room. This yeat sucks and I do not care who wins unless its one of those so called women and then I know donald is a joke.