The New iPad: Unveiled, Apparently Even Awesomer

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After months of speculation, Apple unveiled "the new iPad" this morning.

Those quotation marks are properly used. That's its name. Or at least what it was called by CEO and Steve Jobs successor Tim Cook in San Francisco, Calif.

Many sites (THG among them) have been referring to it as the iPad 3, iPad HD, or some iteration of that name. But apparently it's just the new iPad.

New iPad!!

The changes may disappoint Apple fanatics hoping for a radically redesigned gadget. But given the iPad's huge success, a few upgraded features go a long way.

The iPad's rank as the world's top tablet and Apple's status as the world's most valuable company shouldn't be threatened anytime soon, in other words.

Some of the new iPad features announced by Tim Cook and other company execs at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this morning include ...

  • High-Resolution Retina Display
  • More Powerful Processor
  • Updated iOS 5.1 Software
  • Improved Camera With 1080p Video HD
  • Speedy 4G Internet Connection
  • Improved Battery Life, Size, and Weight
  • Pricing and Release Date ($499-829; March 16)
  • The Old iPad 2 Still Being Available (for $399)
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