Snooki Pregnancy Out of the Bag: Baby Stores in Jersey City on Alert!

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Snooki's new Jersey Shore spinoff is all about the baby she has yet to acknowledge is now growing in her womb. The evidence is slowly but surely starting to pile up.

Proof that Jionni LaValle is responsible for getting Snooki pregnant? A Jersey City baby store has already been contacted by producers about shooting on location.

The owner of Bambi Baby says someone from 495 Productions, the company behind Jersey Shore, reached out to the baby store within the last few weeks.

Snooki's Tattoo

This was right around the time Snooki was adamantly denying she was pregnant ... a lie that was fairly convincing, but has since unraveled rapidly in the last few days.

The peeps at 495 asked Bambi for permission to shoot some scenes inside the store, and after some hesitation, the owner agreed, unlike one local wine store.

It's unclear when shooting is scheduled to begin, and Snooki has yet to state publicly that she is knocked up, but expect an announcement any day now.

Whenever she gets the best deal with Us Weekly, in other words.

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I think she might get sued mtv got all ready for the new spinoff and now she might be pregnant it ruins the show also how is she going to get money she dont have a real job all her money is from mtv


how sad for this child (if there is one). everyone knows this won't last. most real men wouldn't want there wives (if they marry) slutting around like that. show or no show.


he needs to insist on a dna test. can you imagine what goes on behind closed doors when the cameras aren't rolling?? too bad she didn't stop drinking when she knew she was pregnant. the damage is already done to the poor baby. omg!!!


i think she will turn around and become a great mother. have faith in her. you all are some very rude people. if you have nothing nice to say about her keep it to yourself. i hope she proves you all wrong.


She needs a child like she needs a flaming case of herpes. Ugh, some dogs shouldn't breed.


Omg! this is crazy! I wish the best for her and her baby! :))


She really wanted a ring. Went way beyond hinting. What if she got knocked up on purpose to trap Jionni into marrying her?


I wish she was pregnant by Vinny(soooo cute)I hope she stops drinking:)


this is sooo sad :( i knew she was gonna get knocked up but i didnt realize it would happen now....


Thi is soo Stuid yyyyyyyy did u get pegnant drank mom ahahahaha u should go to is fir a week