Jersey City Wine Shop: No Snooki Allowed!

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The Jersey City, N.J., booze emporium next door to where Snooki and JWoww are filming their upcoming Jersey Shore spinoff apparently wants nothing to do with them.

So adamantly that they're banned from the store!

In a morally commendable, financially disastrous move, the place wants Snooki to steer completely clear ... even posting a sign on the door telling her to keep the hell out.

JWoww n' Snooki

Talk about turning away a couple of potentially loyal customers.

JWoww isn't welcome there either, so the ladies will have to find a place to buy their binge drinking supplies somewhere else. Somehow we imagine they'll manage.

The general manager at the wine shop said that while the sign says "No Snooki," it applies to her BFF too: "Even if Jwoww shows up at our door she will not be let in."

"The only thing they are good for is ridicule and amusement. There's no upside business wise; the potential downside is God knows what. Why feed the embarrassment?”

This guy is our new hero.




You don't have to watch these pricks to know what they DO! They seem to be everywhere, it's amazing how far stupidity takes you. You can't watch mtv without seeing one of these fools acting up during a commercial....


Hey obviously have seen the show to know who these girls the only dumb bitch that needs to be called out is you.
Also, turning down on going free publicity in this economy is pretty foolish on the store owners part. I bet there are plenty of other businesses that will welcome free exposure.


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I agree with MARY, I am in JC downtown area daily and never heard of this wine shop until this story. Their lost and other bar owners who are denying Snooki and JWoww. These venues have a hard enough time getting customers into their bars/retaurants as it is because over 90% of potential customers are passing there in their way to New York via the Grove Street PATH.


Well said Miah... Well said!! lol


No, they want nothing to do with them dumb bitch. If they did they would allow them in the store.
Smart move from them too! Those tricks are only good at being ridiculed and trashy.
The worst part is people like you (mary) are paying them to be that way, because that's what you guys like to watch! A bunch of fake tanned trashy tricks!


Really!!! This "Wine Store" is just trying to get publicity off of Snookie and JWoW!!!

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