Snooki Pregnant, Insiders Confirm; World Shrugs

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Looks like it's official: Snooki is pregnant. God help us.

We have Jionni LaValle to blame for getting Snooki pregnant. Having dated for about a year at this point, the tanned couple is expecting its first child together.

"She's about 3-4 months along now," a source tells E!'s Mark Malkin, as reliable a person as there is in the celeb gossip field. So why hasn't she confirmed it?

  1. She doesn't want to jinx it
  2. She wants to get PAID
F-ing Snooki

The 24-year-old Jersey Shore cast memnber (real name Nicole Polizzi) is hoping to turn the pregnancy into money-making deals, according to the New York Post.

She's also deeply superstitious about adhering to the rule of reaching the 12-week mark before breaking the news. Now that it's passed, expect it imminently.

Earlier this month, Snooki shot down Star magazine claims that she was expecting. But she lied, according to E! and the Post, and is totally with child. Eeeek.

Snooki has always said she dreamed of being a mom one day. "I want two, a boy and a girl," she said in 2010. "I'm going to name them Isabella and Frankie."

No word yet on whether it will be Isabella or Frankie arriving this year, but the world's collective I.Q. may well drop a couple of points. Girl is not bright. Or sober.


I thought the apocolypse wasn't supposed to happen until December.....


I strongly believe its going to be a boy.


OMG I Love Snooki I Know She Has Made Mistakes But She Is Still Really Awsome And Congrats For Getting Engaged And hopefully You Get A Boy! :)


If I was famous I would want to hide my pregnancy as far as possible the stress of the media n everyone else isn't good for a pregnant women..n look some people are already bashing her as a mother no wonder she didn't say anything it ant your buisness or your place to talk bout her or the baby... having a child is a life changing experience for most people but you people have no right to talk about her as a mother or her child because she hasn't had the baby so you don't know how she will be


Mi say congrats! Yea she likes to party n have sex but who doesn't at that age???? If ur gonna be crazy n fuck up 18-25 is the time to do it! I'm sure everyone here has some secrets or have done things they regret! I have! But she didn't get knocked up wit sum random dude and she's talkes about wanting kids and deep down she's a real a sweet girl so if she wants to make $ off the baby owell she nds $$$ to suport the baby so salud to her and jionni and for the haterz fa fa napoli! Quict watchin and writin if u aint in to it, u prob don't read the wall street journal either and I bet I won't find any comments hating on it either peace out


I really wish Snooki would confirm she is pregnant or not! If she is maybe then she will get married. Either way I am happy for her. I like Snooki and having a baby changes you, most of the time. I would still watch the spin off show. I will always be a Snooki fan forever. I watch Jersey Shore as often as I can no matter what. It doesn’t matter if I’m working late at DISH or at school, I’ll be streaming that show right to my iPhone. DISH Online always keeps me up to date with all my shows.


I tell you what, everyone who is nationally trashing snooki online is just pathetic, get a life. Yes she has made mistakes, but we all have and yeah she goes out and party an has fun, but come on now she is grown. I say congradulations, and I am sure that she will be a great mother and her baby will be gorgeous! Get out of her life, just because she is famous doesn't mean that you can bash her online for the whole world to see. Get over yoursels. Your great snooks. :) And your baby will be too.


Geeze a baby shouldn't be used as a tool to make money. That alone jus proves that the child herself (Snooki) should not bare a child. Maybe she'll grow up but that's one hell of a maybe!!!


That poor baby's going to need REHAB!!!!


Thats a gene pool that needs chlorine!

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