Sarah Tressler on Oral Sex from Jeremy Piven: Mediocre!

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As Ari Gold on Entourage, Jeremy Piven was all about closing the deal. Unfortunately for the actor, though, he's allegedly less skilled at completing naked transactions with the opposite sex... if you know what we mean!

Or what Sarah Tressler means, really.

This stripper/journalist has updated her blog ("Diary of an Angry Stripper") with a post about the time she met Piven a couple years ago. As an intern with Us Weekly, Tressler interviewed Piven, one thing led to another and, well...

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"As his head maneuvered somewhere below my waist… I alternated between being nervous that I was not as hot as his last hookup, being amazed that I was looking at Entourage's Ari Gold eat my pussy, and being bored with how mundane it was. It was all somewhat disappointing, frankly," Tressler writes.

That's too bad for Piven. Instead of spending so much time worrying about E on Entourage, he clearly should have been focusing on how to help others achieve the big O.


and.... no wonder she got fired, it may not just been for stripping only, eating on the job in an interveiw could have something to do with it too.


maybe next time he might try anal sex .... lol


he should get some spray ordor away and use it on his next oral sex scandal ordor can definetly ruin the mood and the action if you know what i mean...


Yes, I would agree with the comments about smell. I think women should douche at least once a week if they expect regular oral action down under. I believe thew problem is that the man is afraid to say something about it. I know that most OB\GYNs and regular MDs say that a healthy vagina should have a little odor and/or there shouldn't be odor if the woman washes correctly, but after so many relationships of women types across the board~ My advice to all women is taste it yourself first and if a good douching is in order then get your ass (or the other in this case) to a pharmacy and buy a damn douche kit. Your man will love you for it and you should get rewarded in turn. Like with everything else in a relationship~Success is in proper communication. Thank You~segn66


She probably needed to clean her hole or she had an std and he wasn't enthused


Classy gal! Looks like Jeremy needs to be a little more selective.


hey at least he tried lol


Men often retreat from bad odor


As if *we absolutely had to know:
Filed under too much information!!


i thought he is gay...

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