Sarah Palin on Game Change: Hollywood LIES!

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In HBO's new film Game Change, Sarah Palin is portrayed by Julianne Moore as unstable, unprepared and ill-informed on world affairs and basic world history.

The former GOP V.P. candidate is none too pleased about all this, even though the film is based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s page-turning bestseller.

A non-fiction bestseller.

Of course, Palin will never actually see it, but dag gone it, “Hollywood lies are Hollywood lies,” she says of Game Change and its window into the 2008 election.

  • Julianne Moore as Palin
  • Sarah Palin Gets Fired Up!

Palin accuses Jay Roach, the director, and his collaborator, Danny Strong, of trying “[To] drum up their money and their machine and their machine happens to be very pro-leftist, pro-Barack Obama ... there at HBO.”

The one-time Alaska Governor lambasted its “false narrative” also noted that any of the campaign staffers who contributed to revealing behind-the-scenes information for Game Change should feel “shame and… embarrassment.”

Palin’s PAC slammed the film, debuting tomorrow night, as “historical fiction.”

The PAC claims that despite the alleged 25 sources consulted, "none are on record nor is their level of involvement in the campaign disclosed. Not one source is on the record in either the book or in the movie and it is clear why.”

Never mind that much of the film involves Moore reenacting scenes that took place in real life, on TV ... or that the film might not even be that negative.

The L.A. Times describes Game Change as a “surprisingly kind film about Sarah Palin,” and NPR argues that the movie actually goes too easy on her.

Or as they put it (to Fox News), Game Change is “fair - and balanced.”

Check out the trailer for the much-talked-about film right here:

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Hollywood lying and smearing opposing political idelogues?! Say it ain't so!!


* I saw the movie Game Change last Night, and then again early this morning. The best that Sarah P can do after the premier of this HBO special event is to quietly, very quietly (shh) go away. After seeing the interpretation of her in a serious film, there is No doubt that her language, her rhetoric, and her self importance has reached its limits. It is a sad state of events that Sarah leaves the house to become an irritant to the general public (probably) hoping that a candidate will thrush her back into the limelight again as a potential VP. 2008 was a 1 time shot that missed. John McCain was portrayed as being duped by his staff in choosing Sarah. His staff was also duped and had to write the book Game Change to warn the public about this out of control woman who continues to talk loud and says absolutely Nothing!!


HBO is pro-leftist? Pro-Obama?
No, actually HBO is pro-capitalism, and they know very well that everyone loves to watch a human train wreck. Docu-drama about the trials and tribulations of the Whining Wannabe from Wasilla? Cha-ching!


HBO is pro-leftist? Pro-Obama?
No, actually HBO is pro-capitalism, and they know very well that everyone loves to watch a human train wreck. Docu-drama about the trials and tribulations of the Whining Wannabe from Wasilla? Cha-ching!


It comes as a real shock that this moron accuses the story of being all Hollywood lies! (Just kidding in case you palin lovers misinterpreted my irony) I have one question. What about the lies that she continues to spew on a daily basis on the non-news channel that hired her as a consultant? The fact that she is a consultant at non-news/all spin fox pretty well sums up the intelligence level of the entire network as well as it's regular viewers.


This woman has the Name Barack Obama attached to her tongue. There is Not a day that she is awarded some airtime that she does Not mention this man's Name. She probably call his Name more than Todd or her any of her 5 youngsters. Whenever I catch my doses of MSNBC and this whining squeaky wheel stars her rhetoric, it time to hit the mute button, or temporarily change the channel. Just the sight of her make my eyes hurt.
If there is anyone who can make John McCain come to life on film, it is actor Ed Harris. Looking forward to seeing someone other than Sarah Palin playing Sarah Palin. Thank You Julianne Moore and HBO!!