Pregnant Snooki Ready to Turn Over a New Leaf, "Transition Into Adulthood" (Yeah Right)

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The fact that someone got Snooki pregnant is truly a scary thought.

Fortunately, it looks like the Jersey Shore star herself got the memo.

According to those close to the MTV train wreck, she's undergoing a major personal transformation, determined to become a responsible member of society who takes pregnancy and impending motherhood very, very seriously.

It's okay, you can laugh. We did.

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Sources close to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi say that ever since discovered she was expecting her first child, she quit drinking, quit screwing around and convinced the people around her that she could not only handle it, but be "mother of the year."

We'll believe that when we see it. No offense Snook.

Snooki does come from a loving family and despite being a total drunken promiscuous mess, understands what it takes to become a responsible mother.

As far as her upcoming Jersey Shore spinoff goes?

At least
one baby store has agreed to let her film there, but don't expect her life to continue to unfold in the public eye for too much longer. The premise of the spinoff with BFF JWoww is that it's the girls' "last hurrah."

The untitled show will follow the girls' transition into adulthood - moving into an adult apartment, taking some serious adult steps with their boyfriends, etc.

Speaking of which, Jionni LaValle is the father of her child. Supposedly.

Snooki hasn't confirmed the pregnancy, though the cat is out of the bag, and she's with Jionni still ... so it seems likely he's the father. Likely.

The boyfriends (Jionni and Roger Williams) will not have starring roles on the show ... but the relationships will be "key." So, there's that.


If she's already taken steps to stop smoking and stop drinking, im sure she will get through it. I know people who were into drugs, drinking, smoking and slept around a lot, and ended up getting pregnant with their boyfriend, and changed their life around. They are a complete different person now. If she keeps her mind to it, she can do it. Only time will tell if she does keep to it.


Is she sure the baby is not Vinny's


You know that all people do talk shit some of you on here lives probably just as fucked up as hers one thing she can say is she's a fucked up bitch with money and fame.


I bet she'll do just fine. So much of what she does is for show; she's created a lucrative brand just by getting everyone's attention so she can't be that out of it.


I feel bad for her kid. lol really i do.


Great title.... pregnant Snooki ready to turn over....


May her baby meet the same fate as Michael Truncali.


As for Snooki becoming a good mother, time will tell. Despite huge odds, Nicole Richey did, so who knows. Praying she will be. A child deserves that.


mindysocal - "I think snookii is beautiful in every way and she will be a grate mama ! And yes I think its jeionis because she loooves him and if not then its vinnies hahah .. But she's beautiful she may drink a lot but whooo gives a FUCK she's yung let her do wat she wants ! And who the hell are all of u to say she will be a bad mom no one have the rite to say that cause u don't know I loove u snookii :) mindy" Christ! How old are you? I know 8-year olds that spell better, and 6-year olds that know how to use Spell Check. pfffttt Study harder. k Then come to share with correct spelling and grammar so we can take your comment seriously. Read more celebrity gossip at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip....


@mindysocial... I love it when an illiterate tells us about how someone just as atrocious as their spelling is, is going to be a great mother. Obviously your parents didn't do a great job cause they apparently didn't send you to school. It's great not grate; right, not rite; jeionis... wtf! It's genius you genius! Before you can defend someone's intelligence, it might help to have some yourself.

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