Kris Jenner Posts Topless Photo in Celebration of Son

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Like daughter, like mother.

Just days after Kim Kardashian Tweeted a photo of herself topless, Kris Jenner has gone ahead and essentially done the same thing. For what purpose? A totally natural one, of course.

Kris Jenner Topless

Son Rob Kardashian celebrated his 25th birthday on Saturday, with the family congregating in Las Vegas for the event and also sending out well wishes via their personal websites. On hers, Kris wrote:

"Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful, handsome son, Rob!! Rob, you are the best son a mother could ask for and you make me proud every day. I love you so much!!"

She then added the frightening photo above. What do you think of her doing so? It's...


That.................that shit made my eyes bleed......


i need to ask you about my idea,i nave looked on the web, and lots of patent are not honest, bad reveiws,rip off reports, and agreat idea for your kardashians com.. i know you get alot of email but give me a chance to show you something for cloths thank you donna


This woman is one demented, attention-seeking whore! It's her son's 25th birthday and she just has to show herself in a topless photo -- looking like some freak. Now I see where her talentless troupe of daughters get their limelight fixation from. They're truly just a bunch of pigs!!




Oh man, that photo puts a hurting on my eyes.


The whole family is nothing but a joke these days. People are laughing at them. Money doesn't buy this whack-a-do family everything.


Dat is soo not kris jenner pls its a lie .love the kardashians to death!!.


Ugh! This woman has no shame. A media whore through and through. ANY publicitity this woman can generate for herself or her family is good publicity, no matter how distasteful.


You are No Demi Moore. Stop embarrassing your son. Whether you were 40, and your son is 25, that picture is Not even worth a thousand words. It is Not a pretty sight. Please keep those old photos out of the media outlets. One look and I just had to turn away. It was one thing to share what should have been a private photo with your son, but did you have to post it on line and give the readers a glimpse of you 25 years ago? Kould you be that starved for attention that you had to throw your pregnancy photo into the mix just to become a News story for the day.In all honesty,you and Kim K. act as though the two of you are afraid Not to be part of the daily News even if it is in a Negative way. PLEASE!! Grow Up!!


Oh sweet Lord is there no limit for these people? The picture might be appropriate if she was pregnant now. I have no problem with naked preg woman. HOWEVER...... Her son is 25 years old! Its his day, not her day to show herself naked! Ugh trashy trashy people, we see where her kids get it!


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