Kim Kardashian Tweets Topless Photo... Just Because

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Kim Kardashian is currently engaged in a rift with Jon Hamm, responding to accusations that she's a "f-ckin idiot" by defending herself as a businesswoman.

And by posting a picture of herself topless, of course, as Kim did earlier this week. Why? Because she was restless, of course!

"Can't sleep tonight..." Kardashian wrote while sending followers the image below. Seriously, how could Hamm possibly think this woman is an idiot?!?

Kim Kardashian Topless Twit Pic

On the actual business side of things, Kim and her sisters released the latest addition to their Kardashian Kollection yesterday: a line of lingerie.

Follow the proceeding link to check out the official ad, which features Kim, Khloe and Kourtney actually donning more layers than the former is showing off above.

Miley fakes

that one is awesome!


So you're denying you're black? The Smithsonian Institute reentcly put out a study that concluded that only black kids and white girls that listen to Lil Wayne use numbers as letter in their screen name.Statistics ain't racist, nurrga.


Who took this pic for her? This is photoshoot quality! I doubt it was cause she was bored. Business woman? Yes, she is. Talk about her was winding down so she started dating one of the most contervercial rappers ever and posted a soft porn shot of herself. Good business move KIM!


all i have now is wooooooooooow and thatyou have sexy eyes


Pretty, Sexy


Yummy....i want some of that ;)


Hello people whoz d naive ones here? I knw 4 sure it tkz more dan a min 2 read n comment, so y chck up on sm1 u hate? Y bother wt d stuffs d do? Seriously ppl y'all r jokers!


You think so people and men will respect you always want to be more than all but honestly most idiots are idiots who see you, I'm glad that there are serious men who say you are degrading. It is assumed that 30 people have ability and you do not Kim. Have respect for yourself.


And another thing........ what ever they do or say it is all scripted for them that is how stupid they all are. All of their pictures are photoshopped etc .... they are all PHONY and preying on the naive and curious. This whole family is an abomination and a very bad example for the hard working, law abiding american people. Can anybody make them go away. You cannot watch a program without them popping up, mags, internet they are everywhere and that is their game.........face on, face on, face on somewhere.... They are not even ashamed of anything. Days gone by anygirl making a sex tape would try to go unoticed but not Kim..... she makes money out of it and goes on TV. I do not think anybody respect them not even the people who are doing business with them but they don't care if money is the result. Hopefully they will go soon enough, it looks like they are desperate right now... until the birth of that baby that is. MB


Jon Hamm is right, they are stupid and Hollywood and the producers are glamorizing a whore.
Is she going back to her tape. The reason she has businesses is the people who run those businesses for her. Right now the whole family is desperate to stay relevant and they are all posing half nude even the mother posted a photo of her pregnant with her son 25 year ago... that is how desperate they are. They are after the naive, curious people outhere who will tweet only to see her almost naked picture.. she is a whore and will stay that way. They are forcing themselves on people because their empire is crumbling and OMG they don't want to loose money. MB

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