Khloe Kardashian Shoots Down Divorce Chatter

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First, Kim Kardashian. Now, Khloe Kardashian.

Following her sister shooting down a tabloid's claim that she stole Eduardo Cruz from Eva Longoria, Khloe has now come out and defended the health and happiness of her marriage, following a Star Magazine story that screams she and Lamar Odom are nearing THE END.

Khloe Kardashian Star Magazine Cover

The publication quotes an unnamed source that says the "strain" on Khloe and Lamar's marriage is due to the couple actually spending a lot of time together in Dallas.

"They have no absence from each other to make the heart grow fonder," this insider alleges. "When they were in L.A. and did the show, it was a reward because that is when they would see each other - but now it's too much."

What say you, Khloe, to this charge? The reality star's latest Tweets include:

  • Finally! The truth... along with a link to a Kardashian friend calling the accusations "ridiculous" on Gossip Cop.
  • Save the drama for your mama baby! LOL
  • @KhloeDashDolls it shows you how sick people are. They would rather have pain then love... Sad world.
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Maybe not a divorce YET, but they have issues. A couple who can't be happy without another person living there? That's a promblem.


These unhappy people have NOTHING better to do then talk @miles someone else!! I LOVE u guys, u r such a GREAT COUPLE! !!!! Best of luck


why do you all care nann one of u get into the bed with them at night and you damn sure dnt pay their bills get a hobby and leave those people alone


Khloe is not getting a divorce just because she and lamar are having problems doesn't mean that its the end.there is no perfect marriage if yours is then you have a problem yourself just because you are unhappy don't bring khloe and lamar's marriage khloe and lamar hold on to what you have because marriage takes a lot of work and time.their marriage has lasted longer than many hollywood marriages so she mustn't throw in the towel


I thing that people are cruel & if you do not have anything nice to say, Your life can't be to good.
wish Khloe & Lamar the best, marriage takes a lot of work I know
27 years & working together for 22 years but still going strong keep lovings each other & everything will be okey.


Of course... She will put up with ANYTHING he throws at her. She don't want to get laughed at by anyone. She almost didnt find him. - Its All About The Money, Honey!


I love u khloe!plz dnt listen 2 these losers.


I'm glad it is not true, love you Kloe. I think you guys are great and wish you all the luck.


those Kordashian girls cannot make a living without putting everything on tv their marriages are not even private pretty lame if you ask me they should get themselves together


I love them as a couple leave them alone stop hating they r happy n it shows