Jessica Simpson to Drop $2 Million on Birth?

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Jessica Simpson has got it all figured out.

The mom-to-be is allegedly going all out to pamper herself as her delivery nears, with the 31-year-old fashion mogul's bank-busting birthing plans leaving even her closest friends shaking their heads in disbelief.

She’s planning on spending almost $2 million, according to reports, but she's also hoping for a $4 million payday to recoup her investment. How?

Big Jessica Simpson

Selling the first photos of baby daughter Maxi, obviously! Hey, she already made bank when Elle featured Jessica Simpson nude on its cover. Pregnancy = $$$.

Whether anyone will pay that remains to be seen, but let's hope so for her sake, since Jess rented out an entire wing of the hospital (approximately $500K in cost).

“She’s turning the maternity ward into Fort Knox,” the pal says. “If her friends and family want to visit her, they’ll have to make it through numerous checkpoints!”

Puts Beyonce to shame right there.

She’s not about to rely on hospital security to keep her baby safe, either: Jessica plans to hire 30 armed guards to protect Maxi 24/7 ... costing her $1,318,500.

“She’s terrified of kidnapping,” the pal explains to In Touch (we know, we know). “Her head of security just held a pre-birth meeting for her family to brief them!”


This has absolutely ntonihg to do with martial arts. Why do people care about celebrities anyway? Why are people so obsessed with people they've never met and never will that they have to know everything about them?


All you haters! Please Jessica is not the smartest person in the world but there is a risk of someone kidnapping her baby. ANYBODIES BABY IS A RISK TO BE KIDNAPPED, you hear it all the time where people just like us(non celbs) have their babies taken right out of the hospital, or out of their own homes. The difference with her is that she can afford to have her own security team to protect her child & she also is raising the chances of her baby being kidnapped. With all those security people there's always a risk of one of them being offered a lot of money to kidnap that baby.


I am so sick of celebrities who run their mouths about what they spend their money on and how much!!!!! The economy is bad enough nowadays. The last thing that the world needs is spoiled-ass celebrities rubbing it in. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!


She may well have received treats on her child. You don't know, fellow commentators. Also I suspect much of the report is made of exageration and lies
re: "the pal explains to In Touch (we know, we know)" You should applaud her for spending the money made from pictures of her child on protecting her child. The paparazzi would probably kidnap him or her to get exclusive pictures if they thought they could get away with it! John, I believe she came from australia, not the USA. So stop slammin on us in the US of A!


That's a turn off I thought she was joking because of JZ and Beyonce. Who wants her baby she is not all that important where do these people that came out of nowhere get the idea that they are all that important. JZ and Beyonce are another couple that's not all that important all they do is rap and the other sing, play movie parts not all that educated but has made money from thier music skills. Beyonce's credit is due to her father. Jessica I thought was more down to earth maybe I was wrong. I assure you Jessica your baby is not all that important she is just important to the people who matters like you her daddy and your family members.


instead of spending all that money on stupid security shit, why don't she just have the baby at home? Alot of women do it that way


No wonder so many people around the world hate the USA! Clueless white trash/nouveau riche bitches like this moron continue to give all of us a bad name. Hopefully she will have to eat this ridiculous amount of money without the help of some piece of shit magazine.


omg! That money would have feed about millions of hungry people around the world ..i am dissapionted and who would want to kidnapp a new born come on ..ur not giving birth to a prophet


ew... seriously ya big bus dont flatter yourself... no one wants to kidnap your child. lmao what a waste of money.

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