Jersey Shore Reunion Recap: An Emotional Situation

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Jersey Shore has been in the news a lot lately for reasons having nothing to do with the show, making last night's reunion special feel a bit pointless.

With Snooki pregnant and Mike in rehab, the two top stories among MTV's band of guidos are playing out in real life, not in front of reality TV cameras.

Still, the gang assembled for a postmortem of sorts in the aftermath of the fifth season, which ended last week. And there certainly a lot to discuss.

Jersey Shore Season Five Cast

Highlights from the Jersey Shore reunion special included:

  • Snooki continuing to deny servicing Mike, saying, "If I was that horny, I'd just go to my room and masturbate." Sitch also stood his ground: "I'm not a liar, I'm not. And I'm not gonna be made out to look like one, that's it." 
  • Mike was again dubbed the villain of the house, after which he said he felt emotional and left out. JWoww suggested that he apologize for the shady things he's done, but Mike instead walked off set. Way to go man.
  • JWoww convinced him to com back out, and Mike did apologize. Aww.
  • BFFs Pauly and Vinny reminisced about pranks, stalkers and the like.
  • JWoww is still happy in love with Roger Williams.
  • Snooki is, of course, still with Jionni LaValle.
  • Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola are no longer in a relationship because their "schedules became hectic." As for who ended it? Mixed messages.

Just a few months until Jersey Shore season six films!


i think you'll find its sammi ginacola and you cant help who you fall in love with because i bet your like 12 and you've never experienced true love


Sammi Giango-woteva will be d most dumb stupid person in d world if she's still wt dat guy(ron)..dumb girl Laura,Florida


Mike is just wanting to be in the runoff of Snookies celebrity. Not even a drunk girl wants to admit they slept with you. Regardless if she did do anything just makes you look desperate and creepy. Know one thing for sure, you're assuring that no one will smoosh with you again. No one wants someone that kiss and tells.

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