The Situation: I Have a Prescription Drug Problem

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The Situation is coming clean about getting clean.

The Jersey Shore star, real name Mike Sorrentino, previously called reports that he was in rehab "ridiculous embellishments" reported by the media.

Well, it turns out they weren't all that ridiculous.

Sitch explained in a Facebook post Wednesday that he [wants] "to set the record straight" about having "voluntarily taken steps to get control" of his life.

Sitch (Jersey Shore)

Mike writes on his official Facebook Wall: "I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion."

"I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating ... I appreciate my fans' support and I love you guys."

TMZ, which broke the story of The Situation in rehab, says he went through detox at a facility even before he checked into Utah's Cirque Lodge.

Sitch didn't mention it on Facebook, but the celebrity gossip site claims Mike is "very open" with patients at Cirque about his drinking problem as well.

How this impacts the forthcoming Season 6 of Jersey Shore remains to be seen. A sober Mike and Snooki in Seaside? Can you even fathom that?

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haha pop pie is on drugs crack baby


So let me get this straight..... Most of you think the cast of JS should not get help and should just keep ruining there lives ( just for your entertainment) and NOT fix there drinking/drug problems cause its going to change JS too much. Really people??? Get a grasp and fix that hole in your hearts. I will beat money that 80% of you have acted like complete morons and whores when youve been drinking so dont be so quick to go judging other people. Karma comin for ya'll. That is all!! Have a lovely day!!!




Late last night, I re-watched (but, on MTV On-Demand) a recent episode of JS. It was the one where they had that food fight all over the house and when they went camping. To me, that food fight was so ridiculous. I mean...come fighting is so juvenile, so junior high school and so summer camp!!! And, when they went camping, the fellas acted like total idiots!!! Especially Mike aka "The Situation"...who was (and still is) on something. Throughout the whole episode, Mike looked like he was gonna lose his fucking mind!!! And, the idiocy and lunacy of JS continues..........LOL!!!!!


@Dean..... I completely understand your statement :-)


he is a human.. show some compassion. hes getting the help that he needs. and i fully believe that if he returns to JS and relapses (which im sure he will) MTV will feel the backlash. I don't even want a season six knowing mike's been in rehab, snooki is pregnant... sammi and ron ron are broken up. this show's 15 are up. either recast or call it quits


it was ovious to me he was high...seemed like he was always on some downer drug in this past season...well maybe he'll finally get normal


I don't know what it is about this show....seriously I have always been pretentious and act like I'm to good for shows like this. I am always saying, "these people are idiots and anyone who watches it is stupid." I am so full of sanctimony and bullshit it's hard to lug my ego around. I can't tell for sure what it is about this and why I can't turn it off when it's on? It is awesome and fun. These people are so annoying but fun. Keep up the drama!I tell you it's better than the sit-coms on NBC where they say dumb shit and it's supposed to be funny but it's just stupid. All the shows where they act dumb on purpose but it's stupid. Not just NBC shows, 3 1/2 men, the big bang theory(chic geek), my name is earl, the office, how do people find these shows funny? The jersey shore! Now that's funny stuff!


"The Situation" says that he has a drug problem...BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! He's a pathetic and unwatchable muscle-head who's just using the drug rehab route to drum up YET MORE press and publicity for himself!!!!! And, using the exhaustion excuse...that is such a lame-ass COP-OUT!!!!! If he actually is in rehab, he'll end up trying to find a way to score extra booze and drugs while he's there!!!!! Until next time...PEACE!!!!!


LOL oooh ok! Thanks kelsey..thought swallower was pretty lame to bring up anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a squirter..that girl looked like a fire crotch type lol

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