Whitney Houston Funeral Guest List: Who's Attending?

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Hundreds of people lined up on Martin Luther King Boulevard this evening, gathering nearby the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey while those closest to Whitney Houston - including her daughter and mother, who exited a limo holding hands - held a wake for the late artist.

Memorial Pic

This private memorial precedes tomorrow's funeral Houston, which is scheduled for noon EST.

It will be held at New Hope Baptist Church and has been the subject of controversy all week, with Bobby Brown not cleared by his former in-laws to attend until the last moment; and with Governor Chris Christine ordering flags to be flown at half-staff.

With Whitney's cousin, Dionne Warwick, and former co-star, Kevin Costner, scheduled to speak at the invitation-only funeral, the guest list also includes:

  • Forest Whitaker
  • Chaka Khan
  • Ray J
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Kim Burrell
  • Clive Davis
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Rickey Minor
  • Alicia Keys

Following the funeral, Houston will be interred on Sunday, laid to rest alongside her father at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ.


to the family of whitney houston may god be with you through your lost she is a remarkable beautiful woman god fearing woman with alot love in her heart for everyone im goin to miss that voice of a angel. im goin to get all the music she made and her movies. my favorite movie she made the bodyguard my prayers are with all of you.


@sherri I find what you say very offensive, not only to Angelina but to me because you're basically wishing death on someone. Angelina is one of those people that DOES make the world a better place. You say whitney is so great, but I think that a lot of you saying "whitney is so great" is a load of bull. No doubt about it Whitney was an amazing artist and impacted all of us, but where were all you people when we trashed her? As soon as someone takes a wrong turn with their life, we turn our backs on them and then they die and all of a sudden they're holy again. The same thing happened when Michael Jackson died.


When whitney Would Sing You Could Feel The Spirit of God in her music. she could touch your soul with her love in her voice! so powerful! I will Miss Her! A fan! from the pass! God Bless! Whitney


Rip and will pray for the family




WTF...Angelina Jolie???? That homewrecker witch. She is the biggest crackhead junkie alive. Whitney and Angelina should not be compared. Whitney was a great pearson and not be spoken in the same sentence as Jolie. I won't care if anything happens to Jolie. The world would be a better place.

Wv peach

Have you no respect for the dead? Angelina Jolie is an admitted former heroin user, not to mention having a multitude of illegitimate kids. This sad event should not be a mud-slinging contest. Let the poor woman truly rest in peace.


this shouldnt be a big deal, she was a junkie. If it was Angelina Jolie then thats a different story because she help out the less fortunate. But junkie crack head pill popping whitney wtf did she do? Nothing but get high.


What a loss!!! May her soul RIP...#another talented artist gone!!!


may yr soul rest in peace whitney houston.