Bobby Brown WILL Attend Whitney Houston's Funeral

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All may not be completely well between Bobby Brown and the family of Whitney Houston, but a temporary accord has at least been reached.

Following questions over whether or not Brown would be welcome at his ex-wife's funeral - many of his former in-laws believe Bobby has been a terrible influence on both Whitney and daughter Bobbi Kristina - a source tells TMZ:

"At the last minute, the family felt that it would keep the peace at the funeral [to have Bobby there] ... even though some family members were against it."

The Brown/Houston Family

Bobby, Bobbi and Whitney during happier family times.

The funeral will begin at noon on Saturday; take place in Newark, New Jersey; flags will (controversially) be flown at half-staff on the grounds of all government buildings; and the event will be streamed online.

Brown will reportedly take a private place after the ceremony is over in order to perform with New Edition in Connecticut.

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hey thanks, it's good to be civil and nice, and as u can see, i never mentioned what race i "think" u may be. to me it makes no difference. I am latina and when i did my bid, I met a young lady who actually went into the bank with her codefendant and she only got a 5yr sentence. She was white and i only rented a car and got 4yr sentence. no, i had no priors. i see outright racism and hidden racism all the time. Thanks for the info and i will look up the info u suggested. I know there is good in every race and bad in every race. I get along with anyone until they do me wrong. Life is too short, I learned my lesson 15yr ago, and enjoying life. I love helping people too, mentoring and volunteering at shelters. Thanks for info, and have a great day.


@H-Town- Thank you so much in regards to getting me straight!! I'm glad your life is good. Yes we all make mistakes!!hate to see any Texas gal lead down the wrong path. Early on you asked about race- The Problem with it. Did you know that 70% of black mothers live without support from " Baby Daddy" ? Did you know that out of the 100% of race crime in this country that's it's 90% Black on White? These are facts! Not to mention- Car Jackings-Home Invasion etc. have you ever heard of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom- From Knoxville Tennessee? You working in a Law Office might find the case interesting.


Reed, poor misinformed Reed, I don't live in Aldine. It would be nice if u would speak the truth, u know, get ur facts straight. Another thing, i drove no car, if you read carefully, i said i rented the car and chose to go along. He didn't blame me nor did i put blame on him. And where does it say he's black? True, if a weak person on drugs gets with another drug user, it is hard for either one to support each other into getting off drugs. I agree, but both were like dynamite ready to explode. Neither one could help the other make a good choice. we really don't know who got who on what. I wasn't there, and unless you were, we really don't know what happened. Have a Great Day:)


So do you and it is in desperate need.


@Reed, I agree. You speak the truth, brother.


Ok H-Town Diva ( Aldine?) good for you. You turned it around and my money says your black bank robbing boyfriend never had you best interest at heart. Proof? Smoking gun? Nobody has it! But in TEXAS there are a few people that understand that when your spouse develops a problem- Drugs-Cancer-Diabetes-etc. you step the hell up and be a man! Brown is not and never has been a man! He's just like many of the jive ass south of Humble black boys that has nothing but a self centered desire for attention. Tell me something H-Town- if your ex died- would you get up in a concert - give some weak ass Shout out! Yell Bad Ass Bobby Brown- Grab your dick and start dancing? All before she was in the ground? Bottom line- we are all responsible for ourself and live with the decision to bring sorry ass people into our lives. Saying he is not responsible is like saying " I just robbed the bank- SHE is the one who drove me"


(continuation) I chose to rent car, i chose to go along. I didn't blame anyone for MY ACTIONS. i did by 4 yrs in FED prison they got 10 and 30 yrs. There is a code in the streets not to snitch. Yeah besides not blaming others i also don't snitch. I am now an adminstative assistant in a highly ranked law firm in Downtown Houston. So, don't waste your energy hating Bobby, he did nothing personal to you. Instead use your energy to help counsel youth on the dangers of choosing drugs and alcohol. I mentor also, so they don't take the same path i did. Have an awesome day. I know i will.


No name calling or anything, just clariifying for Reed. When i said "Northside part of Houston" I mean Houston, not Conroe, Spring, nor Tomball. I am a Latina from Tx born and raised. I am far from sheltered and know that we should take RESPONSIBILITY of our OWN actions and choices. If and when Bobby beat Whitney beat her, abused her,etc., why didn't she just leave him or report it. No she stayed there. Besides, did u witness any of this abuse? Again, she chose to do drugs, stay on drugs, and continue to do drugs. She didn't choose to go to rehab. I don't live my life blaming others for the right or wrong choices i've made. I own up to mine whether good or bad. Show us the "documented" facts that Whitney started drugs when she got with Bobby. A couple of years ago, I rented a car when my friend and boyfriend robbed a bank, 2 dyas got they were arrested. sinc my name on contract, i was arrested too. I didn't blame anyone since


Ok so black ppl playing the blame game instead of owning their actions is nothing new. But...who do u blame for Bobby Browns drug abuse? Or do u discriminate against your own now. Whitney Houston wasn't put on a stage as a young girl and told to sing by Bobby Brown. Her mother did.I blame her mother for not showing her that she could be more than just a voice. Dance little puppet. Sing for the crowd little puppet. I know what its like first hand to be surrounded by church women who parade young voices across the alter. I also know what its like when a young girl says, "No, I don't want to sing" I endured so-called exorcisms because I refused to "use the voice that GOD gave u" WAKE UP CHURCH FOLK...There are no exceptions when it comes to pushing a child to do something she doesn't want to do. Whitney Houston wanted to be a Veterinarian. Who supported THAT dream? Bobby Brown


I agree Reed. You are so right. Bobby Brown is one big ass loser who ruined Whitney's life!