Tale of the Tape: Bobby Brown vs. Chris Brown!

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Bobby Brown and Chris Brown. Both controversial figures who share a surname and other attributes. Both R&B singers have found themselves in the news lately for unrelated, semi-scandalous reasons. Both frequent THG conversation topics.

Which Brown is best? Or the least terrible? Time for a THG Tale of the Tape!

  • Bobby Brown Sucking
  • C. Brown Photo


Bobby Brown: 20 million
Chris Brown: 12 million
Edge: Bobby


Bobby Brown: 33,052
Chris Brown: 8,205,360
Edge: Chris


Bobby Brown: Felony battery, DUI, unpaid child support, parole violation(s)
Chris Brown: Felony battery
Edge: Chris


Bobby Brown: Condoms
Chris Brown: Haters
Edge: Chris

  • Alicia Etheridge Photo
  • Karrueche Tran Pic


Bobby Brown: Alicia Etheridge (above, left)
Chris Brown: Karrueche Tran (above, right)
Edge: Chris


Bobby Brown: Cissy Houston
Chris Brown: CM Punk
Edge: Even


Bobby Brown: "My Prerogative", "Roni"
Chris Brown: "Run It", "With You"
Edge: Bobby


Bobby Brown: "Something in Common"
Chris Brown: "Turn Up the Music," "Birthday Cake" remix
Edge: Chris


Bobby Brown: Celebrity Fit Club, Gone Country, Being Bobby Brown
Chris Brown: Tosh.0 (above)
Edge: Chris


Bobby Brown: Inexplicably leaving Whitney Houston funeral early
Chris Brown: Smashing GMA window, weekly Twitter rampage
Edge: Even

VERDICT: Chris Brown takes it, decisively, 6-2. Despite whatever flaws he has, his career is still on an upward trajectory. Even Rihanna's recording with him again!

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i Prefere Chris brown go chris i hail for you


You know if you'd ban all articles on Bobby and Chris Brown and the Kardashians on this site? You could read through the updates here in 30 seconds! What's the obsession here with these people? They are all train wrecks...please, let's try to avert our eyes...from these walking calamities! We'll be better people for it!