Simon Cowell Offers Beyonce HOW Much to Judge The X Factor?!?

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With three-fifths of last year's X Factor panel receiving their pink slips this week, a new report claims Simon Cowell had made his first move to replace Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones.

And it's a big... nay, a huge... nay, an ENORMOUS one.

Beyonce, In Thought

Insiders claim the producer has offered Beyonce $100 million to judge the show next season, a sum that would be the highest annual salary in TV history.

"He wants a big-name female star on the panel," a source tells Media Take Out. "Mariah is good, but she's not that hot today. He wants Beyoncé because that would immediately give him the bounce needed to beat American Idol."

But would Beyonce possibly consider the deal?!?

She already has a few dollars in the bank and is as established an artist as there is today. Then again, she did just give birth, so wouldn't a seat at the judging table be the ideal way to remain buzz-worthy, keep a regular schedule, make SERIOUS coin and spend a time of time with Blue Ivy?

Do you think Beyonce would make a good X Factor judge?


Please you should not use the n word that not right. Stop the hate.
I wonder what you are saying about our Mr O


Actually, Beyonce is too good for this show. Why take time out from being the top entertainer of our time to judge wanna be singers? And as for the RACIST and HATEFUL comments, jealousy is an ugly thing. I'm so sad that it just makes you sick to your stomach how SUPER TALENTED and FILTHY RICH this BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN IS! Go to hell you racist piece of sh!t.


She's perfect for it, the pay is a little too much in this day and time, but she needs a break from touring and writing music, this is a perfect fit for her. As far as calling her a nigger, wow, well she's one VERY RICH NIGGA BITCHES!!! Get out of the HATAS Club and face the facts-maybe you should just join the D.U.M.M.Y INSTITUTE. Beyonce' has proven herself. I say do it.


I absolutely love Beyonce, and she would make a great addition as a judge on the X-factor.....I'm sure it would raise the ratings.....She is soooo multi-talented, unlike the 2 idiots that just left in Paula Abdul and that bimbo Nicole Sherzlinger....Now Simon needs to get rid of L.A.Reid, and the show will be complete....he is waaaaay to for Steve Jones.....good riddance...this dude was rude, crude,self-centered, loved himself, and was such a HUGE ANNOYANCE TO THE SHOW....HOPEFULLY THE NEW SEASON WILL FIND THE BEST OF JUDGES AND PULEEEEEEEEEEEZE TONE DOWN THE LIGHTS, BACKGROUND DANCERS, AND BACKGROUND SINGERS, AND MAYBE,JUST MAYBE SIMON YOU'LL GET YOUR 20 MILLION VIEWERS TO TUNE IN.....NUFF SAID......


Why the word Nigger has to always be used in the sentence when referring to someone of color? And all of you racists bigots and haters find a new word for 2012. She is Black and Beautiful and Successful and Rich ass HELL and Her Husband who Is Black and Rich ass HELL too. Go put that in your hater juice and sip on that comment.


I can't believe there's so much hate here....


Omg enough with this BEYitch already, no one gives a damn about that stupid N!gger, we have heard about her and her stupid fu©ked up family enough this year.....




I like Beyonce...but I really like Paula...she deserves to keep her seat next to Simon. Why not have both???????? Then he would just have to replace 1 more. come on Simon do the right thing.


Why pay for her??? She's a spoilt brat and her music is shite.

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