Sacha Baron Cohen Oscar Stunt: Denied by The Academy

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Sacha Baron Cohen not been banned from The Academy Awards. Not yet at least.

But the actor is in hot water with the organization because he wants to walk the red carpet dressed as the main character from The Dictator, a Middle Eastern leader named General Aladeen. The Academy is less than enthused over this plan.

“We would hope that every studio knows that this is a bad idea,” a spokesperson told Deadline. “The red carpet is not about stunting.”

Still, Cohen - who stars in Hugo, a Best Picture nominee - is still invited to the ceremony... for now. An insider does conform however, that his tickets will be rescinded if he goes through with the stunt.

What do you think? Should the Oscars remain pure, traditional and promotion-free? Or is still stale, ratings-declining ceremony in need of someone like Cohen to spice the show up?


----Still more routine, decades stale, authorized 'outragousness'
as Hollywood tries to hoax away unfolding revelations that it has
delibertaely BALKED and BURIED some 6 decades of anniversaries for
the awesomely relevant, EUGENICS 'unfriendly' --------------------KOREAN WAR------------------------- SPREAD THE WORD -------EVERYWHERE!


The Academy is such an old dynasaur in any case, so who cares. I wish for once they would give an oscar to the highest netting movie at the theatres, you know, those movies people really like to see. I think Oscar is a place where hollywood gets to snub those among themselves, whom they don't see as furthering their own causes, whatever...


Hi I think that u would be realy funny


Sacha is the funniest and most committed comic I have seen since Andy Kaufman graced us with his unique brand of mania. Hollywood, in spite of being labeled liberal by teeming herds of NRA gunhugging sheep, is about as pathetically repressed as a van full of Tea Party grandmothers. Keep lampooning America, Sacha, you are hilarious.

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