Rihanna and Chris Brown to Collaborate on "Birthday Cake" Remix?!

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Chris Brown was apparently on hand at Rihanna's birthday party to see her receive a cake shaped like a topless likeness of herself riding a giant spliff.

Now they're rumored to be collaborating on a remix of her song "Birthday Cake."

Seriously. New reports have been flying that Chris Brown, of all people, is the mystery collaborator on a soon-to-drop remix of Rihanna's quick-hit song.

Surprising, and probably disappointing for some of her fans, but not as absurd a concept as it once seemed, given that they've grown close again.

"They can say whatever, Ima do whatever, No pain is forever," Rihanna tweeted Friday morning, quoting her hit song "Hard." "YUP! YOU KNOW THIS."

Cryptic. Or just catchy. That song was good.

Neither side is commenting about the rumored collaboration, but a full-length version of Rihanna's minute-long track (above) has long been in the works.

"It's gonna be crazy," producing team Da Internz told MTV News last week regarding the tune. "And the feature on there is gonna shock the world."

Could that mean what we think it means?

They even said a clip or some other visual tease would be dropping, too: "The visual has to go with it 'cause everybody's going to be like, 'Oh my god!'"

Brown was recently spotted leaving the same Hollywood recording studio as Rihanna amid reports that they're keeping increasingly close company.

It's unclear exactly when and if the single will drop (apart from soon), though if true, the once-smoking-hot pair certainly opted for some curious timing.

Chris, who just released his latest video, for "Turn Up the Music" (above) has seen people turn up the heat on him ever since Sunday night's Grammys.

It was three years ago this month that Brown was arrested after brutally beating Rihanna while in the car leaving a party on the eve of the Grammys.

With that in mind, many celebs and fans alike criticized the award show for giving him such a platform to perform (and win), which he was upset about.

Chris not only attended Rihanna's birthday bash Monday, but went so far as to demand all partygoers sign a NDA to prevent word from leaking out.

Clearly that didn't work out.

The singer was also forced to deny a report earlier this week that he attempted to pick up a girl by using the line, "I promise I won't beat you."

Additionally, Brown has been fortifying himself against both peer and media criticism in recent days, tweeting and deleting aggressive missives.

Perhaps he's bracing for more backlash? A duet with Rihanna would certainly bring that - probably tenfold compared to what he's endured this week.


Give him a f*cking break man no one knows what went on and chris live her and she love him to


url deh aguring and hating while the people living their happy lives do url thing eh forgiveness is key hope everything works out "hearthehaters"


Oh I get it, Chris Brown and Rihanna! Birthday cake is made with batter. Chris batters women. Good one! LOL!


Shes more pretty then ur like u say just friend singer she cant have 6 album music but there something she have ur just friend dont have think before u act


there nothing I can say let them do their thing I was I am n always be a chris brown fan I know its none of my busness after all the shit happing to him he still love her back n try to get back to her its ok but I hope chris think before he do anything stupid like I said ill always be a fab n love him too if the back im still gonna be a fan n love his music only but not him anymore go chros n good look dont forget kareuche lol


This is so umbelievable. Y would anyone wants
to be with an abuser?? If shes gets back with him
She's gonna loose some awesome fans out there.
I don't want her to get hurt again like she did before.
Think twice RIRI:)


Everything is just fine look at us now[CHRIHANNA]we rock.


Man chris brown I hope yr not tryna get back with her dude if u do yr crazy yall wasnt meant to be yu almost lost everything after u went threw that with her man so think twice if not yr a dumbass


I think she needs help. Anyone who is willing to be with someone who physically abused them needs to seek help from a professional


That is because rihanna need some help, and don't think that he was beating on her ass at all until that one night...

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