Puppy Rescued From Underground Pipe, Goes Viral

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A tiny Michigan puppy was recently rescued from an underground pipe and became a viral video star ... just in time to warm hearts this Valentine's Day!

What's not to love about a tale of human rescuers and a trapped puppy, bonded by love? Not a lot, people. The story begins in subterranean Detroit.

Five days ago, a four-week-old Puggle / Dauschund mix got trapped in an underground pipe, and was stuck overnight. Workers could hear, but not see it.

The Michigan Humane Society called plumbers who brought cameras to look inside the pipe and a Bobcat excavator was brought in to dig around the pipes ...

Eventually, workers were able to reach the section of the pipe where the precious little critter was squeaking for help ... and look what emerged!

The dog was in surprisingly good health, just a little dehydrated and cold. Even better news? You can adopt him from the Michigan Humane Society!

Even if you're one of those people who curses February 14 as a useless, Hallmark holiday (i.e. a guy), you've gotta be tearing up just a little here.

Right? Right. Happy Valentine's Day!




We will rescue puppies from pipes, but deliver premature live babies that made it through the abortion process alive, sit in hospital soiled laundry rooms to die. Because they troubled us with living through the procedure. This is your America. This is your administration. This is what YOU voted for. This is where your money is going. It troubles me to say it but there is no longer a righteous man among us. We are Sodom and Gomorra.


Kudo's to you wonderful people or rescuing this adorable little one!