Pippa Middleton and George Percy: Dating!

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It looks like Pippa Middleton may be off the market and her ex-boyfriend and university BFF George Percy, heir to the Duke of Northumberland, is the lucky guy.

We sort of hate him right now.

Heir to one of Britain's richest, grandest titles, Percy's family owns Alnwick Castle, which was used as the setting for Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter films.

And that's only part of their $500 million estate.

Pippa in Blue
George Percy Photo

A source close to Pippa Middleton and George Percy told the British Sun tabloid that the "Earl of Hogwarts" is "very smitten and completely in love with her."

The couple have been close since meeting at Edinburgh University and have been romantically linked before, after Pippa split from her beau Alex Loudon.

Middleton and Percy reportedly started dating again after pairing up at the family New Year's Eve party. Kate Middleton was also on hand at the shindig.

"Pippa sat herself next to George at supper and made sure she was hanging off his arm all night," according to sources. "And then she made her move."

Jealous. Treat her right, Hogwarts guy, or you're gonna hear about it.

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She certainly made her move., hanging on his arm. If he worked flipping burgers, she would'nt. Show me the money...boy.


Pippa going for the money


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BERTIE...you're a real ray of sunshine!


Look it is not important there are loads of birds just like her, fab body etc once she has a kid it will all turn to fat and cellulite, and he will look elsewhere all men do............

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