Miley Cyrus Defends Gay Marriage Beliefs, Tattoo

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Miley Cyrus has gone very public with her defense of gay marriage.

In July of last year, the singer got a tattoo (below) on her finger that she posted on Twitter, along with the caption "All LOVE is Equal." She got a lot of flak for the move, criticism she's now responding to via an editorial in Glamor.

Miley Cyrus Finger Tattoo

"A lot of people mocked me," Miley writes. "They said, 'What happened to you? You used to be a Christian girl!' And I said, 'Well, if you were a true Christian, you would have your facts straight. Christianity is about love.'"

Cyrus is speaking out now on the topic, she says, due to the "unnecessary threats" leveled at both her and her supporters. She adds:

"I believe every American should be allowed the same rights and civil liberties. Without legalized same-sex marriage, most of the time you cannot share the same health benefits, you are not considered next of kin and you are not granted the same securities as a heterosexual couple. How is this different than having someone sit in the back of the bus because of their skin color?"

It's just not right, Miley concludes of the argument that homosexual couples are somehow held to a different standard than heterosexual couples.

"We all should be tolerant of one another and embrace our differences," she writes.

No doubt Cyrus will fall under fire once again for making her beliefs on this controversial subject well known, which is exactly why we admire her so much for doing so.


I agree with miley ALL LOVE IS EQUAL..................


wtf you dont even know her you cant judge


People need to understand that in the SAME chapter in the Bible that says Homosexual activity is an abomination against God, it also says that Shellfish are an abomination as well. Does God hate Shrimp?


My husband was raised by 2 gay women. He didn't have a father in his life and he turned out just fine. He is college educated, has a job with benefits, and is a wonderful father to our 3 children. Love is love. It knows no race, color, gender, or religion. Had my husband not been raised by two females whose to say he would still be the beautiful soul he is today?


@Courtney..... Thank you. We are in the minority in our opinion.


I believe in God in all..but wahhh wahh wahh.give me a freaking break! Let the gays be gay and shut the hell up. You say it is a sin to be gay, well then let them be sinners. We all sin in one way or another regardless of what ANYONE says. It may be lying, stealing, being gay, or any other sin, be small or big, we all have sinned before. Don't act like your perfect and never have sinned. Infact your sinning now by judging gays! You want to be straight, well they want to be gay. It is their life and you preaching on and on about how God says it's wrong is not going to change their mind. If your against it, fine that is your choice just as it is their choice to be gay. @67fuon3 thank you for that comment. That is my main issue on these people preaching about how being gay is against God and blah blah blah, judging is also a sin..and yet it is they judge people for being that is the defintion of a hypocrite.


What is the bible say about gay marriage, is a sin before God, you don't say a thing because of what you feel, what God is saying is what is important. In the book of gensis God created male and female and not same sex. I love miley but try and give time to bible study.


@Kate..... Apparently when attending all of your church services you missed when the pastor said, just because one attends church does not make them a christian. You insinuate Miley has never even picked up a bible, nor have you. Judgmental people throw stones because they are above judgment themselves. A sin is a sin no matter how pretty the bow.


@fakemessi..I don't think you had the right "educationality." If your to young to know how to spell and use correct words then your probably to young to be on this site in the first place. Where are your parents at?


Don't get me wrong..I believe in God..but i'm a little confused on the whole gay is wrong thing but yet we shouldn't judge only God judges us..just a little confusing that you think it is ridiculous and wrong but your not suppose to judge, but whatever that is just me! Just like it is just my opnion that I think it is great she is standin up for what she believes in! TRANG: Just because Miley is white does not mean she represents all whites. This also has nothing to do with being white, blacks and every other race do the same really are making yourself seem very ignorant.


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