Maci Bookout and Kyle King: It's Over!

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout really thought she was ready to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend, Kyle King, after dating him for nearly two years.

Apparently, King had other ideas.

Constant pressure by Bookout, 20, to get hitched pushed away King, 23, according to Us Weekly, and the couple called it quits in early February.

"Maci wanted something way more serious," explains an insider, but Kyle pulled the plug, ending the relationship days shy of their two-year anniversary.

Maci and Kyle

The two, who were childhood pals, had been living together in Chattanooga, Tenn., since the summer of 2010, but "She was never happy enough just being a couple. "

As we saw on Teen Mom on more than one occasion, the source says Maci Bookout "always wanted more, more, more, whether it was a ring or another baby."

Kyle King wasn't able to handle the pressure and "broke it off," says the source. "It's really sad because they love each other, but she pushed him away."

No word on how Ryan Edwards feels about the breakup.


maci is like my biggest hero ever i followed in her foot step's my boyfriend try getting me pregnant but i said i didn't want any kids and then he said he wanted to break up with me.


Amen! Mahi


i loved maci but why would u wanna move so fast,or even have another baby after what u go thru with ryan!


hey girl i heard that your getting a divorce i'm really sorry you
must be really sad right know when i heard that my cousin was having a baby girl i said i don't know how to take care of a baby.


Wat?, is thiz even a true story? Well if it is i say its her folt...duh!!! He gives her wat she wants but still needs more??? No way i don't tnk so, he should jst rip her our world is being attacked by this kinda bitches!!!

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