Joan Rivers Mocks, Poses Like Angelina Jolie on Fashion Police

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At least this time, she didn't liken her to Auschwitz inhabitants.

Joan Rivers continues to mock Angelina Jolie's one-leg pose Oscars, strapping on a fake leg and going to town on the actress last night on E's Fashion Police.

Having already bashed Jolie at length, Rivers commented on the now-infamous pose again last night, calling it rehearsed, ridiculous and possibly even fake.

She even threw on a prosthetic limb to mock Ange and make her point.

She keeps things interesting, that's for sure. Watch Joan do her thing as the phenomenon that is Angelina leg continues to take over the entertainment world:

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It was at first an honest flaunt, then it was a joke between Brad, George and Angie. They are the ones laughing. Note how much Angie was laughing after she posed on stage. Should have seen her after with Jim back stage. Inside joke.


Thaaank youuu, Leo. With the kind of money Angelina has she can wear and do whatever the hell she pleases and she doesn't need anyone's permission to do it, so you all need to stop hating


LOL! Classic!!!


I find it very interesting that one minute Joan gives Angelina nothing but praise and accolades and then the next minute tears her to shreds. I was somewhat disappointed in Angelina's actions at the Oscars, but I am also disappointed in Joan's. I think some of these comedians should clean up their own porch.


I'm still boggled by why this is such a big deal. Angelina has posed similarly in the past and no one has said anything. Joan Rivers herself has made fun of other actresses who have posed far worse so not sure where the fanfare/vitriol is coming from. Not only that, but if pregnancy rumors are true a lot of people will have egg on their faces.


She did not make a fashion statement. Her dress is not being talked about, it's her actions. There was no need to awkwardly throw her leg out like she did. It just looked so ridiculous. Having said that, it wasn't THAT big a deal and is most certainly long over. Joan will milk this for as long ppl pay her any attention.


My God -- what is Jolie supposed to do with a slit up to there if she's not going to show leg?


Whether JR realizes it or Not, she is continuing to show Angelina the sincerest form of flattery by keeping the topic of Angelina's right leg pose in the News.
Dare I say it!!
Actresses and starlets have been wearing the slit up to there gowns for years, leave it to Angelina to make a fashion statement by just being herself. BRAVO!!


Hahaha!! Shes too funny. Love Joan.