Jeremy Rosado on American Idol: Big Heart, Small Voice

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Jeremy Rosado is a really nice guy. That's what the American Idol judges were telling us over and over last night, with Randy Jackson pointing to the way Rosado comforted many hopefuls during opening auditions.

That's great and all - but it's never a good sign, show wise, when the panel is talking more about your heart than your voice.

Indeed, Jeremy didn't really impress with his vocals on a cover of "Gravity." It's certainly hard to see him advancing over such solid performers as Phillip Phillips and even the theatrical Colton Dixon. But at least Rosado can return to his medical supply job in Florida with his head held high.


Of all the thousands of people auditioned for AI, and Jeremy was one of the top 24..that meant something right? i don't think Randy, Jlo and Steven were that stupid to let Jeremy in the top 24.
That guy sings with his heart..


Dear Hilton Hater, You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Jeremy is far and away one of the best singers on American Idol and also has one of the BIGGEST voices. Please do us all a favor and avoid commenting on anything music related in the future and please go to the doctor, they have special machines that can clear all that nasty stuff clogged up in your ears forcing you to publish nonsense and embarrass yourself. Please feel free to email me your thoughts I would love to hear your defense of this article!! Thank you Trevor


He is MY fave for Idol this season. I've adored him from the start. The judges made a great choice bringing him back in on the wild card. GO GET EM Jeremy!!


Jeremy is amazing. His humble spirit combined with his voice makes him stand out. The judges have not seen anything yet. My prayer is that America was able to see and feel what the judges did. When he sings he doesn't need to make much effort. His voice is amazing. You haven't seen the last of him.


@kim I couldn't agree with you more! He is a solid singer, which is hard to find. Maybe he doesn't have the craziest range ever, but the dude has been consistantly good, and he would be an amazing recording artist. Hollywood Gossip has no idea what they are talking about, stick to news and not critiques on singing.


I could not disagree with this critique more. Yes the judges have said what a nice kid he is, throughout most of the season. It is obvious though that they are very impressed with his voice. as beautiful as it gets is what Steven Tyler had to say. Lopez made the comment that she forgot she was judging anything and Randy thinks the world needs to know Jeremy Rosado. I'm pretty sure these critiques were based on his voice and not how nice they find him to be. I loved the performance he has such a lovely tone to his voice i love that he showed that off. I get so sick of people that go up there and are so over the top I want to hear if you can sing not how many vocal runs you can do, or that you can make a 3 syllable word into 6. Jeremy can just plain sing.

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