Ahmad Bradshaw and Angelina Pivarnick: New Couple Alert!?

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New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has apparently developed a very special relationship with former Jersey Shore train wreck Angelina Pivarnick.

Seriously, he has.

Here's a pic of the self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, who left the show in Season 2 (and Season 1), cuddling up to the Super Bowl champ:

Ahmad Bradshaw and Angelina Pivarnick

Angelina and Ahmad have been spotted out together recently.

She was at Saddle Ranch in L.A. on Thursday and asked about the relationship. Ange was awkwardly silent, before adding, "I'm not dating him ... like, no."

"We've hung out ... we're really close, he's a cool dude. I think he's a hot black ... I'm not gonna deny that. I would be lying if I told you he wasn't hot."

There you go. Further comment rendered unnecessary.

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@camille- to Hollow Ho's - color has everything to do with it.


ummm - a "hot black..." what hun?? what does his colour have to do with it?


this is exactly the reason why white women are beginning to be thought of as nothing but tramps.


This girl IS a dirty little hamster. Poor hygiene, foul mouth, uneducated, unattractive... She actually looks like she stinks! The total package.


Did she say he's "a hot black"?? WTF? Somebody tell Dumb Dora to sit her ignorant ass down and shut the f#*k up. No bueno!


Trust and believe if bruh was dating a chick from Jersey Shore it wouldn't be her.... Like Forever said get your facts right I'm pretty sure he Still wit his BM the same chick that was by his side for his pop's passing


no one is dating "the beak" .... she is single and always will be. ew. ew. ew.


Ahmad Bradshaw is not dating some Jersey Shore Reject! How about you look up who was with him at the super bowl? Oh thats right it was his long time girlfriend and their 3 children! Get your facts straight before you post this junk!