Whitney Houston: Broke!

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Whitney Houston's financial situation is less than ideal, according to reports.

The term "broke as a joke" is used in said reports by Radar Online, in fact.

The Bodyguard star, who sought help for drug addiction last year, has allegedly lost most or all of her fortune, source closes to the singer have revealed.

A Whitney Houston Picture

“Whitney’s fortune is gone,” the source said. “Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album."

"No one knows when that will be released, however. It's gotten really bad. She might be homeless if not for people saving her. She is broke as a joke.”

The six-time Grammy winner and ex-wife of Bobby Brown has slowly blown through an enormous fortune that she amassed over several decades of stardom.

“She recently called someone to ask for $100,” the source said. “It is so sad. She should have Mariah Carey money, and she’s flat broke.”

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Hey Steve, how can Whitney sue when she is dead


Don't worry about Whitney, judge no one. GOD loves her unconditionaly. I love her also. T.FORD


I'am so sorry to hear about the dealth of a great singer Ms. Houston. My you R.I.P.


Ok ok....its 2012, the media has been bashing her since the 90's and I for one am tired of hearing about it. 1. The movie sparkle is being produced by "Whitneys production company" , 2. Ever heard of royalities? Everytime you a song of hers she gets a check! Altho her personal life is what it was (imagine if ur personal life was placed for the world to see or hype up) people have money managers and advisors and most of the time their assets are in names of other entites. *I doubt if she's "broke" Whitney has never been like the other artists *media whores* selling every product. *Find something else to talk about....we have beat this one to deaf*


The Sequel to Whitney- Rihanna. Yes-Whitney showed the World she was Soul Sister! Stuck be her peeps! Then he shit on her! I'm still trying to get over the shock!!!!


Smh! @maria Rihanna should totally note this sh*#! She is beautiful n talented just like whitney used 2 be 20 years ago


I blame her marriage to Bobby for a lot of her troubles. Rihanna take notice & stay away from Chris Brown! Women are forever wanting to change bad boys and find out to their cost that it can't be done.


I guess that statement "crack is wack cuz its cheap" isnt true huh whit whit? How broke is Bobby? Just askin


That's the most rediculous thing the media has come up with. She's not broke. She just finished a movie in October and is set to begin another soon. "waiting to exhale II" Whitney did a world wide tour in 2010. Not to mention some of the appearances she gets paid for like the $3,000,000 for singing a few songs in London. I think it's a shame how irresponsible the media is. I have lots of $ in the bank as well as investments. I occasionally borrow money because I don't have any cash at the moment. Bye the way, She has a 100 million dollar contract that doesn't get paid all at once. Maybe that's why the record company is fronting $. I personally think Whitney should sue whomever wrote these lies. Just plain irresponsible to write anything and put people down just to sell a magazine.


sad state of affairs. goes to show, when you just GIVE people money, they don't know how to handle it. hear that, obama??!